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Spielberg to go Terminator on audiences?

January 13th, 2012 by bash Comments

Steven Spielberg has revealed that Robopocalypse will be his next movie after filming wraps on Lincoln…. and it all sounds very Terminator to us at FTN.

The Schindler’s List director said the film, based on a novel by Daniel H. Wilson, would be about a global war between man and machine.

Discussing the project briefly with Time Out (via The Playlist), he said: “It’s a future that is coming true faster than any of us thought it would. Robopocalypse takes place in 15 or 20 years, so it’ll be another future we can relate to.

“It’s about the consequences of creating technologies which make our lives easier, and what happens when that technology becomes smarter than we are. It’s not the newest theme, it’s been done throughout science fiction, but it’s a theme that becomes more relevant every year.”

Robopocalypse has been adapted by Drew Goddard and is expected to go into production this year for a 2013 release.



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