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Spooky True Story – MIB ghost in court house

May 30th, 2012 by Val Comments

In July 2007, Louise Beaumont’s workplace had been flooded.  As a result, she and her colleagues were moved to work in the magistrates court – based in an office on the first floor of the building behind the court rooms.

One day whilst she was walking down the corridor to visit the ladies rooms, she saw a man, dressed in a black suit, wearing a white shirt and black tie coming towards her. She glanced away from him momentarily but when she looked back up to where he’d been in order to say hello, he’d strangely vanished. Louise returned back to her office and mentioned her strange encounter to her colleagues but didn’t think too much more of it at the time.
The following week, Louise’s grandad sadly passed away and she was away from work for the entire week. During that time, one of her colleagues (Julie Davis) rang her at home. Apparently, she had been speaking with one of the building superintendents who works at the Magistrates court and the “sighting” of the man in black had come up in their conversation.
It was said that this man in black had been seen a few times by the staff who are responsible for locking up the building, but when they’ve investigated further, they always found the building to be empty and no man to be found.
Louise believes that what she saw was a ghost that day and feels very privileged that he appeared to her.
What say you guys? Did Louise really see a ghost in the court house? If so, who was he? Was he a solicitor who never left the place? Could it be that he only appears to those who are about to have bad news or heartache (Like Louise)?  Perhaps we’ll just never know….



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