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Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Core Set Review

October 24th, 2012 by StealthBuda Comments

The first thing you will notice about the X-Wing Miniatures game is the miniatures themselves.  Via a see-through plastic window in the game box, two Tie-Fighters and one X-Wing are presented to the player before they even unpack the kit.  And what great miniatures they are.  The overall quality and paint-jobs are very decent, but care will have to be taken with them to keep them that way.  The bases provided with them are also of a solid standard.

The game itself is extremely simple to learn and play, even for those with little or no experience of miniatures games.  A once over the rulebook and then referring to it during your first game will see you well on your way.  A lack of complicated rules and a straightforward system of play is what makes this game great.  After your first few games, you will probably never have to refer to the rulebook again unless you are adding in additional optional or advanced rules.  Everything you need to play will be on the table and this gives you the opportunity to simply play the game, something that is lost on some more recent miniatures games.

Pilots and ships are allocated a points value, so it’s possible to run a selection of very different games using only the models with the box.  You can ramp up your ship with optional extras and use rookie pilots, or go to town and supe-up Luke Skywalkers ship for a high point’s game.

Play is broken down into a series of phases in which each player takes a turn.  The phases are:

  • Planning – Each player plans their ships movement,
  • Activation – Each player executes their movement in order of the least talented pilot (a stat which is shown on each pilot’s card) and then performs an action
  • Combat – Each player performs an attack, starting with the most talented pilot
  • End – Clean up phase

Movement takes place using one of the pre-determined movement templates and combat is worked out using the range ruler and attack and defence dice.  Other tokens and options are available during the activation phase, depending on the pilot in use, and these are evading, focusing, barrel-rolling and target locking, each of which can easily change the outcome of the turn.

Like any good game, winning is a mixture of strategy, knowledge and pure chance and X-Wing is no different.  Games can be a straight forward shootout, and using only the miniatures in the box, can be over in as little as a few turns, but they can just as easily turn out to be epic dogfights across the stars, as each pilot tries to manoeuvre his and their enemies ships in to an optimum position.

The ease of play allows you to concentrate purely on the gameplay and add in sound effects and quotes as required.  The game is set during the original three Star Wars movies so quotes galore are available for insertion into your games.

And when you’ve got the hang of straightforward dog-fighting, you can progress to the missions, of which three are detailed and extra tokens provided for.  Extra ships are already available to purchase and more are planned to allow player to enact scenes from the movies, comics and books, or their own designed scenarios.

Price is a factor, three models for £30 and with the additional ships coming in at just over £10 each it isn’t fantastic value for money, but the quality of the game and the simplicity of play means that it will be a great addition to any gaming collection.  The pick up and play factor of the core set means that it can be used as a filler game whilst waiting for other players to arrive to gaming session.  It is quick to set up and fast to run, but it can also be great for much lager games and campaigns.


Great miniatures and a solid rules foundation make a great play out of the box game that’s fantastic on it’s own.  The future plans for ships, which look pricey, can only add extra enjoyment to the game.  The set itself, which only plans for two players, can easily be adapted for multiple players controlling individual or teams of ships.  I think we will see pictures and reports of fans producing some epic scenarios and re-enactments.

4 out of 5 Nerds

Have you played the Star War X-Wing Miniatures game?  What did you think?  Are you planning to buy it?

The Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game can be bought here.

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