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Stealth Buda tells us his picks for June in One of the Month

June 3rd, 2012 by StealthBuda 1 Comment

This is the first of a monthly column which will look at movies and games if you only had time or the finances to get one, and what my recommendation for the month ahead would be.

So far ahead, most of this column will be based on hype, preview material and personal experience and this shouldn’t replace reviews for the actual movies and games at a later date.  But it will be a forum for our readers and other members of the FTN team to sound off about what they’re excited about in the upcoming month.

One of the Month – Console Game
Lollipop Chainsaw (X360/PS3) – 15 June 2012

I had the pleasure of playing the demo of Lollipop Chainsaw at MCM.  Before this hands-on I had planned to pick this game up at a later date after release, but it sold me.
The playable demo had two parts, the first, what will be a majority of what the game is like, was a run through a school, San Romero High, where the player controls Juliet Starling, an 18 year old chainsaw wielding zombie-hunter cheerleader.  Played in third person, Juliet uses a variety of amusing attacks to battle through zombies, save classmates and fight with bosses.  The boss for this part of the hands-on was a zombie-teacher, Mr. Fitzgibbons.  It doesn’t sound like anything new, and other than the amusing attacks and sarcastic banter and quips, it’s not, but it had a charm that kept me wanting to play more.
The second part of the demo was a huge boss battle against zombie rock lord, Zed, who attacks with sound waves as well as conventional attacks.  The battle sees Juliet, hacking through the zombie rock lord and taking down speakers to lower the damage of his attacks.  This is where the controls interested me for the first time, some attacks, after stunning Zed, allow you to force your chainsaw through him and stringing combos together to get as much damage as possible before Zed attacks again let me see more of what the game could do than the button mashing I had achieved in the previous part of the hands-on.
Hollywood director and writer James Gunn (Super, Slither, Dawn of the Dead, Tromeo and Juliet) has brought his cult humour and edgy storytelling to Lollipop Chainsaw’s script and even through the demo you can see his influences.
The game does have a stigma around it, but I hope that most people see past this and at least give the demo a shot if one is made available.  After the hands-on, I pre-ordered it from Amazon, who offer two additional skins (Goth and Rockabilly –  More skins will become available through DLCs, including the Highschool of the Dead skins, mentioned in an earlier post. 

One of the Month – Portable Gaming
Heroes of Ruin (3DS) – 15 June 2012


There were two titles vying for this month’s portable one of the month for me, but some early reviews of Gravity Rush (PS Vita) suggest that the year’s worth of hype might have been a letdown, so this month’s goes to Heroes of Ruin on the Nintendo 3DS.  I had a hands-on with Heroes of Ruin at MCM London last October.  It plays like Diablo and other hack and slash adventure RPGs, but the main difference with Heroes of Ruin is that it offers portable, drop in/drop out 4 player multiplayer gaming.  Also, using the Nintendo 3DS’ Spotpass features, players will be able to pick up special one off items as well as trading items through the Streetpass feature.  Square Enix have big plans for the development of this game, and daily challenges will be available to download.

 One of the Month – Movies
Prometheus – 01 June 2012


This is the film I’m most excited about this month, regardless of reviews, hype etc, this is where it’s at for me.  For those that don’t know, Prometheus is Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien prequel’.  It’s been years in development, sidelined by other projects and now it’s finally here.  I’ve enjoyed the build up of trailers over the last few months and now I’ve spent the last 24 hours actively trying to avoid spoilers from those who’ve seen it.
Even though I haven’t seen it yet, I think that everyone (age permitting) should see this.  It links in to one of the best Sci-Fi series of movies ever made, which means that automatically it is part of a legend.  You have to see it to have an opinion, and opinions on this movie will be heavily talked about over the next few months.

What are you most excited about this month?  Are you hyped by Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter?   Or will you pick Gravity Rush over Heroes of Ruin?  Or is Spec Ops: The Line more your thing over chainsaw wielding zombie killing cheerleaders?
Tell me your three picks of the month.

Let us know your thoughts below, @NerdFollowing on Twitter or on Facebook

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StealthBuda, when not defending the streets of London from the shadows, is a big fan of portable gaming, slasher films and console RPGs. You can abuse him via Facebook ( or on Twitter (!/StealthBuda)

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