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May 7th, 2012 by Mad Dave Comments

Dave here again with another run-down of the latest gaming news.

Battle Foam and Infinity are joining forces for Gencon 2012

Battle Foam will have an exclusive new Infinity model at their booth at GenCon Indy this year. Check it out.















From the notice:

Hello Gamers,

We are happy to announce a very special early release that will happen at GenCon in Indianapolis this summer.

The great guys at CB really want you to stop by and say hi. Take in a demo or check out their great display at the Battle Foam booth.

To make it special they have designed a really amazing box set that will feature an awesome TAG with an additional Girl Model.

This will be a box set that will be available later in 2012 for everyone to purchase, but we will have a small quantity on hand at GenCon only at the Battle Foam booth.

The box set will be a mercenary choice that will be very appealing.

Prices and details will be made available as we get closer to the con.


Mantic’s Crazy Bundle deal







Mantic has their Crazy Bundle sale going on, but only for another few hours.  Get your sprues now!

This is now your last chance to get a crazy deal as Mantic can only keep the Bundle running until 11:59pm Monday 7th May, yes tonight.

Get your Crazy deal – 20 plastic sprues for £20 – and they’ll include a free Night-Crawler in your order too!


Warhammer 40,000 New Releases

This is just some of the new releases to hit Games Workshops shelves.

      THE TOMB SPYDER                          THE TOMB STALKER

Tomb Spyder

      NEMESOR ZANDREKH                       VANGARD OBYRON

      Check out Games Workshop for more new releases.

Battlefoam has new Colossal Foam trays

Battlefoam announces that they’re going to now be making foam trays for Privateer Press’ colossals and their first one is for the Stormwall.

What Battle Foam have to say:

This tray will hold one Stormwall Colossal. Two pluck foam areas are available where the arms are positioned on the model. This will allow you to customize the fit for you specific Colossal.

This tray comes engraved with the Colossal name and Cygnar logo.

Privateer Press logo and model name cannot be removed from this product. Additional custom text is not available on this product.

6 inch (152 mm) thick tray.

Tray Dimensions – 8.5W x 7.75L x 6.25H” (216W x 196L x 159H mm)


Well that’s all I have for you at the minute but you can be sure I will be back with more great news as and when I get it.


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