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Teen Wolf – A TV show with real bite

July 29th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments


Think Teen Wolf and I bet you think of Michel J Fox with a serious body hair problem strutting the corridors of his high school in shades and basketball team jacket.

Based loosely on the movie comes Teen Wolf the television series and now in its second season has most definitely stepped from the shadow of its inspiration.

Tyler Posey plays the titular wolf, having been bitten when he and goofy best friend who provides the comedy element, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) find a body in the woods.

Scott soon finds he transforms into a werewolf on the full moon and discovers a world where werewolf hunters are out to exterminate them and an old house contains the secret of his new found powers.

Derek is a werewolf on a mission; his sister is the body in the woods and he wants to find her killers and will stop at nothing to getthe truth. He becomes Scott’s mentor and uneasy ally as the teenager struggles to understand his new powers. Scott also falls for a girl at school Alison who family turn out to be a long line of ruthless werewolf hunters, the same hunters that are ready to hunt him and Derek down in the light of a series of murders.

These hunters have a connection to Derek’s family that plays out during season one leading to a stunning season finale as all parties must come together to defeat the Alpha; the head wolf that is back to take revenge and build a new pack.

Dylan’s new found abilities make him a star of the Lacross team something school jock Jackson hates him for until he discovers Scott’s secret and being a millionaire’s son used to getting whatever he wants, is intent on gaining the same powers.

Season one is really a shakedown cruise for all the main players to establish their roles and find their place in the series which by the end of the finale is well and truly in place.

This is Vampire Diaries for the hairy kind and doesn’t pull back on gore and shocks especially when season two kicks off. Jackson and ex girlfriend Lydia have been bitten but with very different consequences and Derek is building a new pack.

Scott and Alison are forbidden to see each other but manage it somehow. Life seems rosy until Alison’s grandfather turns up played by Michael Hogan from Battlestar

Galactica. In one of the most shocking scenes of season two shows the hunters exactly the fate he intends for every werewolf when he cuts one in half when hanging from a tree.

Add a much darker story line when a new type of creature emerges on a killing spree. Gone are the memories of Mr Fox forever as bodies are torn apart and the stakes get higher.

This is a show that most definitely needs to be seen as it delivers week after week on shocks and strong storylines.

The werewolf make-up thankfully stays clear of a wolf with shining eyes or two legged monsters from the likes of the Howling. These are more effective like the vampire effects of Buffy and co and allow the characters to define themselves as both human and werewolf.

The threats are palpable and pull no punches and so far looks like this will be an unmissable season. Life just got a hell of a lot wolfier and I for one can’t wait to see where it goes.

Teen Wolf is currently showing on Sky Living on Thursdays at 8.00 pm.

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