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Tel Aviv experiences an ’emotional response’

June 7th, 2012 by bash Comments

Participants at this year’s Tau International Student Film Festival in Tel-Aviv will have an opportunity to experience Sensum, the emotional response digital platform designed in Belfast, for the first time.

The International Student Film Festival in Tel Aviv is one of the world’s largest and most important events featuring young filmmakers. The festival features hundreds of films, including premiere screenings, workshops and conferences, attracting thousands of visitors to the Cinematheque theatres daily.

A few months ago, the New Media Convention Directors of the festival contacted Filmtrip inviting them to attend as guest speakers at the New Media Conference as part of the festival this June.

In the wake of the recent Sensum launch alongside the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and our second guest visit to South by Southwest in San Francisco, heading to Tel-Aviv to
present Sensum to the next wave of international film makers is an offer that we could not turn down! said Gawain Morrison, Filmtrip’s CEO and guest speaker at the festival.

Increasing research and development into mobile health and smart cities is driving huge advancements in the area of sensors and human-computer interfacing. Sensum, with its mobile sensor technology and emotional reporting for entertainment illustrates this well, at a time when we are all seeking deeper levels of engagement with media, added Morrison.

Gawain will talk about novel uses of human-computer interfacing, an insight into the physiology of emotions, and how Filmtrip is using the Sensum platform for a new form of emotional response entertainment.

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