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Terminator becoming a reality?

November 21st, 2012 by bash Comments

Human Rights Watch has issued a warning that ‘Terminator’-style killer robots could be developed in decades.

The group said that t several governments are currently working on the technology and that the US in particular has admitted to working towards robotic weapons systems with ‘total autonomy’.

“Fully autonomous weapons have the potential to increase harm to civilians during armed conflict,” the group said.

“They would be unable to meet basic principles of international humanitarian law, they would undercut other, non-legal safeguards that protect civilians, and they would present obstacles to accountability for any casualties that occur.

“Although fully autonomous weapons do not exist yet, technology is rapidly moving in that direction. These types of weaponized robots could become feasible within decades, and militaries are becoming increasingly invested in their successful development.

One in three U.S. war places is now a drone, and the U.S. has said that it aims for its forces to be 30% robotic by 2020.

Thanks to Yahoo! News for the heads up.

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