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The Daleks will be back better than ever – Smith

July 30th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

In a recent interview the eleventh Doctor Matt Smith said that he feels they didn’t get the Daleks quite right in the story Victory of the Daleks.

The episode saw Winston Churchill using the Daleks as a secret weapon against the Nazis.

However, as always, their compliant nature serving tea, for example, was all a bluff and a trap for the newly regenerated Time Lord.

They had discovered a new way to bring the Dalek species back and by confirming they were indeed Daleks the Doctor accidentally brought them back but as a brand new five strong Paradigm from which a new race of Daleks would spring. They escaped.

At the time there was much criticism of the new look design. Even writer Mark Gatiss agreed saying he loved them except for the humps at the back. He liked the movie Daleks from the
Peter Cushing double bill and I agree.

They were stunning and I quite liked them especially when I saw them in the flesh at Doctor Who Live. However the feeling was that they didn’t quite do the Daleks justice, a feeling Matt
shares but he has promised Asylum of the Daleks will more than address that and restore the Daleks to their former glory as the show’s number one baddies.

With a brand new trailer coming on 2 August at 8 pm on BBC 1 following EastEnders and a speculated transmission date of 25 August (the next issue of
Doctor Who magazine is out two days beforehand which seemingly confirms this rumour) we’re about to see if he’s right.

The Asylum of the Daleks featuring every Dalek ever to appear in the show is about to opened.

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