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The Ninja Turtles movie that wasn’t, but still might be

August 29th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

So we all know the story of the Ninja Turtles movie that Michael Bay had in the works.

Remember that one? Where the Turtles are actually alien in origin? Yeah, not what I would want to see either.

The origin of the heroes in half shell is so much a part of their story that to change it would be like Superman not coming from Krypton or Spider-Man being caught in some The Fly like transporter machine with a spider inside. The Turtles are mutants, don’t mess with what already works.

Well apparently the studio had second thoughts after the outcry from fanboys and put a hold on the script. Well, apparently the folks at Latino Review and IGN managed to get their hands on some leaked info regarding the script.

In what was being called by the studio “The Blue Door”, a code for the Turtles script written by Andre Nemec and Josh Applebaum, there was some more surprising changes in store.

For one April O’Neil and Casey Jones are in their late teens and also exes. Supposedly they still would’ve retained some characteristics that we know , but this would definitely take April out of her reporter role.

The interesting part pertains to the main villains. Gone is The Shredder and in his place would’ve been U.S. Colonel Schrader. (Yeah, I know) Instead of leading the Foot Clan of ninjas, in this version the Foot is actually a black ops military squad led by Schrader.

The Turtles, instead of being alien, were instead the product of a secret government experiment called Project Ares. The secret project was to be about mutagens and their effects on altering species. Apparently the studio has sent the script back for an overhaul, though how much of this is to be changed I can’t say.

I do know that when you have a recipe for success there isn’t any good to come from altering that. I sincerely hope the studio keeps that in mind going forward.

I don’t mind some minor changes to keep it fresh and updated, but completely changing the mythos of the Turtles world is not something that hardcore fans are willing to accept, this writer included.

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