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The Other actor confident of further role in Avengers universe

August 14th, 2012 by bash Comments

Alexis Denisof has revealed that he is confident his role of The Other will pop up again within the Avengers movie universe.

The actor, who converses with Loki a couple of times and then with Thanos after the credits in The Avengers, was speaking to MTV about working with his friend Joss Whedon and how he was physically transformed for the role.

He said: “We had to cast all these parts of my body that were going to be wearing pieces of formed prosthetic – my arms, my chest, my face.

“Once I put them in I had a very distinct lisp and I didn’t think that was how he should sound, so I had to practice with those for quite a few months to get to where I could even talk.” 

It was all worth it, though, it seems. “Even when I was shooting it I was excited,” he continued. “To see that huge stage and to be in that place with my dear friend Joss and watch him doing what I know so well he can do on that scale… I was thrilled to be part of it. And then to see it – it blew me away.”

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