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Thirty years of Skill, Stamina and Luck….

May 17th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Fighting Fantasy Game Books will turn 30 years old this year and in celebration Wizard Books will be publishing an all new Fighting Fantasy title called ‘Blood of the Zombies’. This anniversary release is written by Ian Livingstone himself so it should be something very special. Fighting Fantasy books are legendary in the role playing and war gaming circles, with many people starting the hobby with the early releases from Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson. These two fine chaps also formed a company that all gamers have heard of, that’s right, the Games Workshop. I still read and revisit a lot of my Fighting Fantasy books, and there is not a simpler gaming system anywhere else. The success of the game book has transferred to digital formats through Kindles and also the Apple and Android Apps, and this new release will share the same formats. Ian Livingstone has been a huge advocate in digital gaming and was the pioneer behind Eidos Games that gave us Tomb Raider.

The book was named after a fan poll due to Ian not being able to choose between Escape from Zombie Castle and Blood of the Zombies, the poll was held on the Fighting Fantasy website with around a thousand votes cast in forty eight hours. The book and digital platforms are set for an August release and there has been a lot of positive mutterings of maybe a revival of this type of adventure book. The flavour text of the story was released in February and reads….
‘In this adventure YOU are kidnapped and sold to a deranged megalomaniac who wants to build an army of undead to exact terrible revenge on those once mocked him. He hates everybody except for his scientists and servants. The scientists were instructed to develop a mutated gene in human blood which would be injected into innocent victims, turning them into Zombies. The madman’s henchmen kidnapped hundreds of people who were locked up to await their fate. YOU are about to be injected with Zombie blood. The Zombie army is almost complete, ready to be unleashed upon the world in a frenzy of killing and wanton destruction. YOU have to avoid being transformed into a Zombie. YOU have to kill all the Zombies, dispose of the madman and escape from the castle. To do this you will need a lot of firepower to take down the hordes of Zombies. But don’t kill everybody as there is one person who needs to be rescued…’
How many of our followers have fond memories of these game books? We are looking forward to this release and will review it as soon as we can get our hands on a copy….It all sounds positive, and remember all you need is Skill, Stamina and a little bit of luck.

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