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TOY REVIEW: FTN reviews Big Chief’s 1/6 11th Doctor, Matt Smith

October 17th, 2012 by Paul Allen Comments

When it comes to the 1/6th market few can rival the quality of Hot Toys. But Birmingham based company Big Chief Studios Limited aim to do just that with their range of 1/6th scale Doctor Who figures.

The first figure in the line to be released is the eagerly awaited Matt Smith 11th Doctor (above) which was initially due for release back in May of this year.

The packaging is lovely, simple and tasteful. The cover can be opened to reveal a window display of the figure and all his accessories (bottom).

The figure looks great, the head sculpt (above) is good although lacks expression – an alternate head would have been a nice addition.

The jacket is an excellent representation of the plaid patterned blazer as worn by Matt Smith and there is a good range of accessories including sonic screwdrivers, nano recorder gun, handkerchief, consciousness cube, wallet and wristwatch.

A couple of issues however, the shirt sits very high up on the figure’s neck and no matter how many times we tried to fix this, our 1/6th Matt Smith was left looking as if he had no neck.

The second issue we had was the hands, they are extremely difficult to change. The closed fists that come fitted to the figure are easily removed and re-attached, but the extra hands are frustratingly tricky to attach. The first time we tried to attach one, the forearm dislocated from the upper arm and as a result we had to strip Matt Smith off his shirt and re-attach the limb.

Otherwise, the figure is excellent and and we look forward to the future releases which include David Tennant’s 10th Doctor, Weeping Angel and Tom Baker’s 4th Doctor. The 1/6th 11th Doctor Limited Edition Collector figure can be purchased at .

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