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UFO lands at O’Hare Airport…?

June 18th, 2012 by bash Comments

 A leading writer of UFO sightings, Jim Kettler, has helped alert us to a bizarre sighting of a UFO at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport last Thursday.

After LANDING at the airport it “sat there motionless on the ground for hours” and “naturally attracted the attention of the authorities”.
Jim takes up the story:  “When the UFO was found to be emitting heat, ionizing radiation was suspected, bringing Homeland Security rushing to the scene, including nuclear technicians in lead-lined protective suits and carrying Geiger counters, plus heavily armed agents of the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission). No ionizing radiation was found.
“The UFO was under continuous surveillance , with no one observed either entering or leaving, before it was “gift wrapped”  and loaded for a long ride on a Diamond T towed lowboy trailer, in a convoy with no less than eight NRC cars. ‘Before It’s News’ broke the story, with some amazing pictures (source unknown) of the UFO convoy pulled off the road and cordoned by security.
“What the site doesn’t say is that the curious at the I-57 truck stop soon found themselves looking at the wrong ends of Mini Uzis and H&K MP5Ks! These appeared, as if by magic, from under the jackets of the NRC agents.”
Absolutely bizarre! Is this true? Anyone else witness this? Let us know.

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