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UK Avengers Blu-Ray/DVD release altered (spoiler warning)

September 19th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

One of the saddest moments of the Avengers movie was the death of the beloved Agent Coulson. He was such a great character. He allowed us to view the hero characters through a non-superpowered view. His fanboy enthusiasm for Captain America hit home with me as that would be how pretty much anyone of us would geek out over meeting our favorite hero.

Well,  website Bleeding Cool has noticed something interesting in the UK version of the movie home release. In the theater cut Loki ends our mans life with a tragic spear through the back and we see this weapon protruding through his chest. In the UK version however the spear tip has been removed. This has led to a few theories.

One is that this might be a censorship move, but the second is way more interesting. Some are saying that, as with comics, dead might not mean dead and this could set up a potential return as Coulson stepping into the role of the Vision. While the actor behind Coulson, Clark Gregg, has said that he’s put the idea of returning as Coulson to bed, he also said it would be interesting if the fans somehow willed his character back to life. He went on to state that fans would most likely want to see a character like the Wasp appear over a possible Coulson return.

I for one would love to see the Vision brought to life in the Marvel Movie Universe. Getting a resurrected Coulson to play him would only be a bonus. I would much rather see that than an introduction of the Wasp. With Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon bringing Vision to the forefront the timing might be right.

Update: So it was a case of censorship. Speaking with Home Cinema Choice Disney UK spokesperson Lydia Rodrigues confirmed that the spear tip was removed due to it being considered too graphic for a British home release.

“There’s been no censorship, no foul play,” Rodrigues said. “The version of Marvel’s Avengers Assemble [the UK title for The Avengers] on Blu-ray disc in the UK is the same as the version shown theatrically. It really is. The simple fact is for a 12 certificate film in the UK, that scene was deemed inappropriate. So Marvel Studios chose to remove the spear tip digitally.”

Funny how it’s not censorship, but it was censored. Hmmmm

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