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Uncharted 3 patch info

July 24th, 2012 by MatthewMcKee Comments

Here are some interesting details for the new Uncharted 3 patch.

They call them gameplay fixes. I love this because it shows a side to the gaming industry that they give a s**t when it comes to gameplay.

Here are the changes that have been made due to gamer requests/complaints:

– Increased recoil has been added to the G-MAL

– Deathmatch will now appear in round 5 instead of round 3 in Team Objective game modes

– Quitting out of Co-op will no longer count as a Competitive loss when signing-out/disconnecting

– Lab games no longer count towards the Leaderboard

– Death from Above medal now requires the player to be at least two meters off the ground

– Players can earn more than one “Here, Hold This Medal” in a match

– A collection of trophies have been added for each DLC pack available

– The TAU Sniper Pistol has been tuned so the rate of fire is up 30% and you pick six instead of three bullets upon collecting new ammo now

– The M9 blindfire accuracy has been reduced by 10% efficiency

– Cloaked level 3 is now immune to the effects of Disruption (it wasn’t working properly so we fixed it)

I am myself am an avid Uncharted 3 Gamer and love its new maps and game types and all the little social videos they make of epic kills and kill streaks.

If you haven’t already tried it do! It’s better than COD. Better than all the CODS in fact.

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