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WATCH : Doctor Who S7E04 The Power of Three Review

September 26th, 2012 by Saxon Comments

In this episode, The Doctor spends some quality time on Earth with companions Amy and Rory while he awaits activity from millions of small cubes which mysteriously appeared overnight.

A slow burner of an episode which gives the Ponds a final few moments to stand in the limelight before stepping into the shadows at the end of next weeks adventure.  Find out what Saxon made of the series 7 episode which has split fans down the middle… with his usual blend of interesting opinions and hilarious comedy, perhaps this video will entertain those fans who found The Power of Three to be a little lackluster…

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Stephen, or by a strange twist of fate, 'Saxon' as he has now become known as, is FTN's resident toy reviewer. He has been described by many as a 'Professional Layabout' with his hobbies consisting of Beer and Curries. Known for his dry humour and brutal honesty, his video's make for great entertainment. However, he is just a mere figment of your imagination and for all intents and purposes does not exist... Find his videos online at