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WATCH: The Division E3 cinematic and gameplay trailers!

June 12th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Tom Clancy and Ubisoft have teamed up again to give gamers another awesome looking game called The Division.  This third-person multiplayer shooter aims to be a part of two genres: the single-player action game, and  the massively multiplayer online RPG.

The Division focuses on Operation Dark Winter, which “revealed how vulnerable we’ve become”; society has become “fragile” and “complex.” There’s a disease that spreads through infected bank notes on Black Friday that causes the United States of America to collapse in 5 days. Gamers will play as a highly trained operative of The Division, which is like a highly trained peace corps called “Directive 51” who will work toward saving humankind

“We live in a fragile and complex world, a web of interdependent systems we rely on every day. When one fails, others follow, creating a deadly domino effect that can cripple society in days.”

Though it’s a role-playing game first, The Division also gets inspiration from hardcore survival games like The Last of Us. When your sleeper agent awakens, their possessions include just three days of food, water, and supplies. Then you’re on your own for ammo and weapons, scavenging  logical locations for the right things. of course these locations will not always be unoccupied.

David Polfeldt, managing director at Massive, says:

 “We wanted a lighter game than [World of Warcraft]. I’m not calling [The Division] an MMO,” although he’s aware of the similarities. The Division will not have classes though. “We allow you to progress through the skill tree as you refer,” Polfeldt explains. In addition, you can respec your skills at any time, or on the fly. You’ll be able to jump between custom-built classes on the fly with the touch of a button. (Sweet!)

In development at Ubisoft Massive, they’re using their own Snowdrop engine to develop the game, which will be available on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It has an impressive realistic look and the physics are sure to be amazing. 

Enjoy the trailers!

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