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We had proposed Shaun of the Dead Lego, now… we’re going Back to the Future!

May 1st, 2012 by Saxon Comments

Aaaah, LEGO. Quite literally the building blocks of so many childhood playtimes. With some patience, imagination and a heck of a lot of plastic bricks, it was possible to create anything! And for me, one thing in particular I always attempted to build was the classic DeLorean DMC 12 from the Back to the Future trilogy. (You know, so I could mash it up on the living room rug while re-creating the scene where the car is hit by a train at the end of Part III! No? Just me then…) But, no matter how deep I searched into that little red plastic box of bricks, I could never find the perfect piece for a flux capacitor, a Mr Fusion or even a half-way decent gullwing door. And even then I distinctly remember DeLoreans being silver, not multi-coloured…
Fortunately, a genius by the name of Masashi also shared my woes. He’s a project manager over at LEGO CUUSOO, and is currently working hard on making a Back to the Future LEGO set a reality. Of course, the project is still in the evaluation stage, much like the recently announced Shaun of the Dead Winchester Pub playset, but surely LEGO must see how lucrative a BTTF set would be? The trilogy has legions of fans across the globe who would undoubtedly love to get their hands on a set of adorable Marty and Doc minifigures.
The proposed playsets include a Part I DeLorean, a Part II Delorean featuring hover conversion, and a Part III DeLorean including interchangeable White Wall and Railway tyres and perhaps even a LEGO Steam Train to push it! All of these sets are to come with their respective Doc and Marty minifigures, sporting their relevant time period costumes!
According to the official LEGO website, the project has reached the 10,000 supporters necessary for production to actually be considered, however no announcement has been made so far. But as Doc Brown once said, “The future is whatever you make it”, so why not make it out of little plastic blocks?

To show your support for the project head over to the LEGO CUUSOO website. The Nerd vote is in!

For a closer look at this exciting new LEGO product, check out the video below:

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