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Wee Ivor’s Gamer blog Ep. 5: And we shall all be Kings of War!

May 14th, 2012 by Wee Ivor 1 Comment


Three years ago a little company in the heart of the Lead Belt of England (Nottingham to you and me) sprung forth promising cheap miniatures in bulk.  That company was Mantic, headed by the inimitable Ronnie Renton and a host of who’s who in the miniature gaming industry.

First they started making 28mm miniatures of elves, dwarves and the undead.  The line grew as did a little game, which we helped play test :), called ‘Kings of War’. It was short to the point and free to download from the interwebs.  It was spearheaded by none other than Alessio Cavatore Maker of many wonderful gaming things like Warhammer 40k 5th edition and Shuuro, the points based chess like game.

It has had two editions and now Ronnie has announced that it will be hitting us in 2012 in hardback.

I like hardback books. I am a bit of a snob like that.

I love Kings of War.  It is simple, fast paced, works exceedingly well with a chess clock and the rules are literally a few pages long.  I have my army of undead and love them to bits (see what i did there?)  It is my kind of Warhammer, which I loved the look of, but could never get my head around.  I , for one, will be grabbing my copy in hardback when it comes out.

The new Kings of War is coming in June bringing with it:

  • A 144-page full colour rulebook also features new expanded rules for Campaigns, Terrain and Siege Warfare, as well as an in-built tournament pack.
  • Written by Alessio Cavatore, Kings of War is an easy-to-learn fantasy battle wargame that is simple, tactical and innovative.
  • All of the rules have been fine-tuned after thousands of games and hundreds of pieces of feedback from the gaming community – it is a game written for gamers, by gamers that allows you to play  large-scale games with lots of miniatures quickly, or fun, competitive games in tournaments.

Six armies are now available with an ever-expanding range of miniatures – from horrifying Undead, brutal Orcs all the way to proud Dwarfs and stoic Elves.  If you sign up to their newsletter you will get exclusive first look at the system.

Do you play? what do you think of it?

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