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We’ll be there, but first we take a look at the rumours and myths surrounding E3 2012

June 1st, 2012 by Matthew Maidment 1 Comment

So E3 is right around the corner and as the biggest games expo comes closer and closer, more and more rumors are coming to light and it’d be rude for me not to feature what is and what could be shown at E3.

Halo 4 coming to the PC?
With more Halo 4 details coming out it seems that Microsoft have heard the PC fans call and have hinted to a PC port coming this year.
The below is a screen shot from the Halo 4 Homepage and hints *System requirements forthcoming.


Wait a second this would mean PC right, as you don’t need any system specs for a console game?
If anything this is a good move by Microsoft as the last Halo release for the PC was a Windows Vista exclusive, so it would make sense if they were to make it a exclusive for Windows 8 only.

The WII U Specs:
Now you really should take this with a pinch of salt.
An Italian forum poster claiming to be a developer for Ubisoft has revealed the full details of the new Nintendo system.
Drum roll please…
Graphics card: Radeon HD 6770
RAM: 2Gb, with 560 dedicated to running the operating system.
Support for two of the system’s tablet controllers.
The controller’s triggers are digital rather than analogue.
The new ‘button’ on the controller relates to a new version of the Wii Vitality Sensor technology.
Achievements will be supported
The dashboard will be customizable.
The console is currently running Epic’s newly revealed Unreal Engine 4.
Valve is working on a digital distribution system for the console, as well as a port of Portal 2.
EA and Crytek are also heavily involved with development.
The system is due for launch on November the 23rd, for between £220 and £290
Even if this isn’t true, expect the same chaos that we all went through when the first WII came out as Nintendo will be first for the next generation of consoles and from reading this they do already have me sold.

Sony enters into cloud gaming
So VG247 report that Sony’s big announcement for E3 will be Cloud gaming…..say what!
For those who don’t know what cloud gaming it’s a on-demand service that through a 3rd party will provide you all your gaming needs, without the actual hassle to install programs and it completely removes the need to fork out small fortune for either a high spec PC or even a console.
If true Sony they will the first major company to give this service and this could link to where next generation of consoles (or even TV’s) are going as the games are getting bigger and graphically better.
My only question would be do we truly own the game as if we stopped using the service what would happen to all the games we paid for?
In my own opinion the idea is good but I think as internet speeds increase and more people are gaming now then ever before, it would make sense for a bigger digital download service like they already do provide.
If anything they just make their current library’s they currently have on-demand bigger and add the new releases into it as well god dammit!
So what rumors have you heard on the grapevine, we would love to know and which press conference are you looking forward to the most leave your comments below:



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