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Why Andy Hamilton’s radio comedy ‘Old Harry’s Game’ is still stronger than most recent offerings…

July 15th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Andy Hamilton, Steve O’Donnell in Old Harry’s Game

We all know that Andy Hamilton is a very clever man. He is one of the writers for the acclaimed British Comedy Outnumbered, as well as a much loved panellist on Have I got News for you and QI. But what stands out for me is his master piece radio show that is ‘Old Harrys Game’ Essentially, it spans seven seasons of radio show, that points out the aggravation that the mortal race causes Satan in his kingdom of Hell. Now all this sounds very serious, almost Milton-esque…but it is incredibly clever, witty and superbly written.

The comedy does follow current affairs at the time of writing but can be easily followed; it also contains enough hilarious laugh out loud moments to keep all comedy lovers happy. It is a light hearted look at current affairs, social issues and human failings from the point of view of the entity who is supposedly going to be our eventual tormentor! Satan along with his head Demon, Gary, try to run hell as efficiently as possible, but with humanities moral decline and Hell being overcrowded, Satan at one point actually goes on a crusade of moral decency to try and keep intake down. The series do cover a wealth of comedy genius and I highly recommend it. Mr Hamilton actually plays Satan himself, and this is one of the highlights of the show, because if you are familiar with Andy Hamilton’s’ TV appearances, then try and imagine him as the Dark Lord!
I love this show, it can be revisited over and over again…….it is that good.
Let me know if you have already listened to it, what do you think? Or if you take up my offer and try the show, give us some feedback!

Old Harry’s Game is available from BBC Audio

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