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Why you should be watching Falling Skies

August 9th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

I want to take some time in shining a large spotlight on a show I feel is getting under represented in the media: Falling Skies. In the shuffle of Dexter, Walking Dead and Doctor Who, it is a show getting lost in the mix.

Falling Skies has been a favorite of mine since it debuted last summer. It focuses on a human resistance movement battling against an already taken place alien invasion. However, much like Walking Dead is not actually about a zombie apocalypse, this show is not really about an alien invasion. It’s about humanity. The will to survive and how humans would act in the face of overwhelming odds. These are things Falling Skies does well by focusing on the characters themselves, not their given situation.

There’s a few reasons why this show is great and why you need to be watching.

First off, the characters. Noah Wylie’s Tom Mason, a Harvard history professor turned second in command of Massachusetts’ militia the 2nd Mass, is an excellent lead character. He’s constantly making the hard choices, choices that effect not only the 2nd Mass, but also the civilians they are leading and his own sons as well. I’ve never been a fan of Wylie’s previous work, but this is the role he was made for.

Another stand out character is 2nd Mass commander Captain Dan Weaver. When the show first started he was shaky, indecisive and uncertain. Since then he has evolved into a charismatic and strong leader. He’s been tested time and time again and has proven that he is the man to lead the 2nd Mass. You can see the heaviness these characters take on as they make decision after decision that could lead them to victory or mass slaughter.

Another great aspect of the show has been production value. The sets look great. Whether it’s a worn city or an alien base, this show puts you in the action. No expense has been spared in bringing the sets and especially the look of the aliens to life.

Which brings me to the executive producer. He is none other then Steven Spielberg, which gives you a clue as to why this is an expensive looking show. He was very much hands on during the development of the show and especially the pilot. He hasn’t always been a 100% on point with his work, but he’s always been way more hit than miss.

Finally, it’s summer. There isn’t much on the tube anyway. Tune into Falling Skies and I guarantee you will not regret it. It airs here in the States on Sunday nights via TNT. For my Irish and British friends tune into FX.

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Christopher is self-billed as the World's Coolest Nerd (meaning he wears glasses and is clumsy, but he never earned good marks in school). He loves all things Star Wars and superhero related such as comics, books, cartoons and movies. He's a husband and father who somehow manages to keep up with his pastimes since his day job mainly consists of sitting around a store with not much to do. He's very outspoken and wants to share his opinions with the world, or at least his fellow nerds. You can follow him on Twitter @AUDone44.