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With Ghost Recon: Future Soldier just days away, we take a quick peek at the Beta version

May 19th, 2012 by Nathan Doogan Comments

With Ghost Recon: Future Soldier just around the corner I thought I’ll do an article on the Beta, which I liked it, but some things did get annoying, with people hiding behind walls not coming out of cover and sometimes the lag was so bad that it was close to unplayable but hopefully the lag issue will be fixed before the game is released.
The gun customization is by far the best I have seen in a game as there’s so many ways to customize your gun from the scope, paint, barrels, stocks and more, each attachment you use affects the weapon’s stats and allows players to customize their weapon as they see fit.
The Beta had two playable game modes: Conflict and Saboteur, both game modes were 6 players-a-side with two maps: Mill and Pipeline. The full game will allow up to 16 players online and 4 player co-op and 10 maps for online multiplayer.

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