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World War Z sequel officially moving forward

June 24th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

It wasn’t that long ago that World War Z’s box office prospects looked worse than Brad Pitt character Gerry Lane’s did in the movie. There were reports of a troubled production,  last minute reshoots of a new ending, the six-month delay from its initial release date (also never a good sign), and the fan boy complaints about how much the movie, especially with its new ending, differed from the its source material. Add all this to the fact that Brad Pitt, despite being a great actor, is not a summer blockbuster kind of actor and that he was opening against a Pixar movie, and well it wasn’t hard to understand all the flop talk.

Despite all this World War Z did very well at the box office in its opening weekend, pulling in $111.8 million worldwide. The $66 million it made domestically is Pitt’s biggest ever, for a debut outdistancing the $50 million premiere of 2005’s action thriller Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

The movie was originally planned as a trilogy, but after all of the issues the movie had during production it didn’t look like that would happen. Well that kind of opening changes everything. According to studio vice chairman Rob Moore:

“Paramount will actively turn to developing a sequel.”

This was a passion project for Pitt, one of which he produced so he’ll most likely be back to reprise his role. As for the director Marc Forster, he has expressed interest in returning recently, but after all the issues with the first film who knows if the studio wants to go a different way. 


What do you think of the idea of more World War Z movies?

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