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Zombies Vs. Robots goodies from IDW

October 12th, 2012 by bash Comments

Brraaaiiiinnnnssss! IDW Limited has partnered with 12 of the juiciest brains in sci-fi, horror, and fantasy to deliver two limited edition prose novels set in the popular Zombies Vs. Robots universe.

Signed, limited editions of Zombies Vs. Robots: Z-BOYS IN THE ROBOT GRAVEYARD and Zombies Vs. Robots: THIS MEANS WAR! are now available for rabid consumption at

“Zombies Vs Robots is a nightmarish dystopian world and one where I’m strangely comfortable,“ said contributor and acclaimed horror author John Shirley. “I can hardly wait for it to come true. Meanwhile I have to help create it.”

Shirley’s Zombies Vs. Robots: Z-BOYS IN THE ROBOT GRAVEYARD is a brand new collection of two stories with overlapping characters and one central theme; fear. “I wanted to bring something fresh to this world–if there’s anything “fresh” about zombies,” explained Shirley. “I leave it up to the reader to decide who’s the real monster…and what’s worse, zombies, robots, or the survivors. But there are people out there you can care about…You could drink a beer with them–if they live long enough..”

Both Shirley and Dan Bradford, the book’s illustrator, have signed every copy available from IDW Limited. This special edition features an exclusive variant cover and is limited to just 500 copies.

Because scares come better in pairs, IDW Limited is also offering a special, limited edition run ofZombies Vs. Robots: THIS MEANS WAR!. The first release in the Zombie vs. Robots prose line, this thrilling collection is now presented in a custom slipcase with a new cover, and is signed by each of the eleven writers who contributed a story.

A star-studded cast of award-winning writers like Nancy A. Collins and Brea Grant penned these gruesome, terrifying, and sometimes hilarious tales of zombie-on-robot-on-human violence. Each writer has signed the signature plate inside every book, which also features a brand-new variant cover by the book’s artist, Fabio Listrani.

“It’s extremely gratifying to me–and still pretty amazing–that the Zombies vs Robots world that Ash Wood and I created has become a thing that other people have taken and run with,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. “And we’re talking about talented people and legitimately great writers like John Shirley, Nancy A. Collins, and the others. Thanks to them and their editor-botJeff Conner, they’ve taken the ZvR franchise into some exciting new directions.”

Just in time for the holidays, these very limited editions of Zombies Vs. Robots: Z-Boys In The Robot Graveyard and Zombies Vs. Robots: THIS MEANS WAR! are sure to get under your skin.

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Zombies Vs. Robots: Z-BOYS IN THE ROBOT GRAVEYARD DELUXE LIMITED EDITION ($39.99; 108 pages; 8” x 10”; hardcover) is available now.

Zombies Vs. Robots: THIS MEANS WAR! DELUXE LIMITED EDITION ($60; 300 pages; 8” x 10”; hardcover) is available now.

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