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An FTN observation: Is it now possible for Spidey to appear in Avengers 2?

August 27th, 2012 by Andrew Comments

Let’s start off by saying, this is not based on any rumours, this is purely on a thought that I had today which has me excited for the possibilities…

Okay, so everyone’s at least aware of the history of Marvel movies being adapted by various studios before Marvel Studios came into being and started making their own movies in the build up to what has been the most successful comic book adaptation to date – The Avengers. As a result of the movies all being made under the single roof of one studio, it allowed the characters to make appearances in each other’s movies and ultimately, appear together in that.

This is also related to why we’ve seen reboots of franchises fairly soon after a series has finished, with The Amazing Spider-Man being the most recent example. If the studio who currently owns the rights to said character (Sony, in this instance) do not start production on a movie by a certain date, the rights will revert back to their original owner – in this case, Marvel.

So, how does this leave the possibility open for Spider-Man to appear in The Avengers 2?

Well, it’s all down to another Marvel character and another rival movie studio – 20th Century Fox.  Back in 2003 Fox adapted a movie of the man without fear, Daredevil (though I enjoyed it, many didn’t) which did ok for itself at the box office, but not well enough to result in a sequel being made (though it did get a spin-off following the Elektra character). Along with this, Fox also had ownership of the rights to the Fantastic Four characters and from the second F4 movie, The Silver Surfer and Galactus. Recently, it was announced that the rights for all these characters were due to go back to Marvel unless Fox started production on further movies.

Director Joe Carnahan (Smokin’ Aces, The Grey) had been interested in making a 1970’s set Daredevil, but it now seems that 20th Century Fox has decided to give up on this and focus on the Fantastic Four reboot. As a result of this, the rights to the characters in the Daredevil movie look to be reverting back to Marvel.

The character I’m talking about is not Daredevil, but rather one of the villains of the movie – Walter Fisk, a.k.a. The Kingpin.

When the Daredevil movie had been made, it was agreed between 20th Century Fox and Sony/Columbia Pictures that if The Kingpin appeared in Daredevil that he could not appear in The Spider-Man movies under production by Sony. But The Kingpin is a huge part of some of the best Spider-Man storylines.

Nothing has been confirmed about the Kingpin character and who the rights will belong to, but presumably as the character has only ever appeared on screen in that movie, if the Daredevil character rights revert back to Marvel, then so would the Kingpin character rights.

So, as it currently stands, Spider-Man is owned by Sony/Columbia, and if Kingpin is owned by Marvel, then all it would take is for a deal to be hammered out – a loan of the characters between the studios. Sony would be able to have the ultimate villain appear in their new Spider-Man franchise, and Marvel would be able to khave Spidey make a much wanted appearance in The Avengers 2.

Come on guys, the fans would want this, so you should too, time to sit down at the negotiating tables, and sort it out early enough for both franchises to work it in at the scripting stages.

Fans… Have your say!

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