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Andrew Stanton taking the plunge into Finding Nemo 2?

July 18th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

With early word on Brave not being great, we’re worried that Pixar’s turning to sequels is a downturn for the worse…

Andrew Stanton, Director of the recent flop – but actually pretty good –  John Carter, has (if the rumour mill is to be believed) trundeled back to Disney and signed up for Finding Nemo 2.
Whilst Pixar have not yet commented on this, and let’s face it, Pixar usually don’t release ANY details until they want to hog the limelight when nothing else is around.
Stanton has apparently come up with a concept, don’t forget that he wrote the original, but no details are being released.
Will this actually be made I hear you ask? Well, Pixar are re-releasing the original in 3D later this year, so maybe that will give them the confidence to push ahead with a sequel.
However, having had the highly unsuccessful John Carter still fresh on their minds, will they want to take a gamble on this?

Only time will tell when we receive firm confirmations or denials, stay tuned and remember, just keep swimming!

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