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Could the new Justice League movie already have Batman lined up?

November 27th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

Now this could be some really huge news, or it could just be a rumor, but according to website Hitfix, Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be returning to the DC movie universe as Batman. Here is exactly what Hitfix is reporting:  According to sources, Joseph Gordon-Levitt absolutely will be appearing in “Justice League” as the new Batman. It’s also being reported that Gordon-Levitt has deals already in place with Warner Brothers studios.

We all know that Nolan left his trilogy open ended, though since the initial films are all said and done, it was left up to our imaginations as to how the rest played out.( In the end when Gordon-Levitt’s Blake revealed that was not his true name, was anyone else disappointed that he didn’t say Dick Grayson or Tim Drake?) With Snyder hinting that there could be ties between his Man of Steel film and the proposed Justice League movie, which Nolan is involved with, could this mean that Nolan may be involved with the Justice League movie as well?

However this plays out, it looks like the heads of Warners have finally pulled their heads out of the sand, realizing that a shared movie universe, akin to Marvel’s, is the way to go. Anyone who has read my previous writing on the JL movie will know this was something I said was needed to enrich the experience of a JL movie. This does lead to more questions about the proposed Batman reboot that had been kicking about Warners that focuses on a Batman in his second year. Could this Batman be the Joseph Gordon-Levitt Batman in his own movie?

Also, will fans be cool with a Justice League Batman that isn’t Bruce Wayne? Bruce’s relationship with the other characters makes for a very interesting dynamic between Bruce, Superman and Wonder Woman, with Bruce being the one that always has the plan. He truly is the strategist of the team; could the JL movie suffer for lack of a Bruce Wayne? Speaking for myself, throw it up on the screen and you’re likely to see my butt in a theater seat, but only time will tell as new details start to emerge. Keep your eye on The Nerd for more info when it breaks.

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