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Daredevil Movie Rights Headed Back To Marvel?

August 17th, 2012 by Christopher Williams Comments

It looks like Fox is willing to let go of the rights to the Daredevil movie. It was reported during Comic-Con that Fox had until October to do something with the character or else they would see the rights for the character revert back to Marvel.

Joe Carnahan, the director of The Grey, had been tapped to put the blind hero on the screen for Fox. A few days ago Carnahan tweeted: “I think my idea for a certain retro, red suited, Serpico styled superhero went up in smoke today kids.”

The folks at Deadline Hollywood gathered this meant that Fox was willing to let Daredevil head back home to Marvel. Carnahan then released a sizzle reel (below) he had put together to entice the folks at Fox to pick up his movie. The reel was enticing indeed, fixing together comic book shots, 70’s movie clips and clips from the Affleck Daredevil movie all set to a Super Fly 70’s beat with an NC-17 feel. It was a sort of “look what I could’ve done” move. Of course if Marvel and Disney did want to bring Daredevil to the screen they also could bring in Carnahan (who is now set for a Death Wish reboot) to see his vision come to life. Of course it would be toned down a bit given that Marvel is a Disney company now.

This could actually be the best thing for Daredevil given Fox’s treatment of other Marvel properties, like the very sad Fantastic Four franchise, the original Daredevil or the X-Men movies. Marvel has had great success spinning their movie universe and takes an approach to the characters that outside film studios just can’t seem to grasp.

There is also the fact that Daredevil is a huge player in the Marvel Comic Universe, so it would make sense for Marvel to slide him into the movie mix. I think with the proper handle of DD he could find great success in theaters, especially if they take the “make a great movie” rather than “make a great comic movie approach”. That’s what made X-Men: First Class such a hit. It was more of a great movie in general rather than a great X-Men movie. Heck, even my grandmother loved First Class!

With Daredevil out of the picture, Fox looks content to focus in on rebooting the lackluster Fantastic Four franchise as well as the X-Men: First Class sequel and The Wolverine. Honestly, I could care less to see the FF hit the screen again. Fox, let it go and focus on what you’ve actually done well, bringing X-Men characters to life.

What do you guys think? Should Marvel take a swing at adapting Daredevil for the big screen?

Carnaghan’s Sizzle Reel (NSFW)

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