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FEATURE: FTN’S 10 Christmas movies you need to watch

December 9th, 2012 by Marc Comments

It’s that time of the year again when you have to be forced to sit down and watch whatever terrible Christmas films are on TV, well we thought it was about time that we helped you out by giving you ten films that have a Christmas theme to them but are a bit more alternative to the ones you are forced to watch.

The story centres on Billy who receives a pet from his father for Christmas and is warned a few things, first off he can’t expose it to sunlight, he can’t get water on it and the main one is that he cannot feed it after midnight, however he manages to break two of these three rules and creates an army of tiny killers.

Now the main reason why I love this film is that not only are the mogwais cute (Gizmo being the main one) but it’s a fun, adult film that was supposedly made for kids, yes there are scenes in it that are not suitable for kids at all, but I say show them it anyway, they will laugh, they will be scared but overall they will see not only a fantastic fun Christmas movie, but a fun film overall.

Home Alone
Christmas is a time for family, however when it comes to poor Kevin his family is a nightmare and when he gets blamed for something at christmas he is sent to his room and wishes that his family would disappear. His wish comes true the next morning and he finds that a big house at Christmas can be a lonely place, especially when a couple of burglars are attempting to rob the it.

Out of all of the Christmas films ever made this is the one I have seen the most because it’s so entertaining that everybody will get something from it, your children will laugh through it and no matter how old you are you will find it really funny.

Instead of sitting down to the snowman every Christmas make sure this is top of your list.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Skellington is the king of Halloween town and when he discovers Christmas town he is amazed and tries to get the help of the residents of Halloween town to help him put on their own Christmas. However things do not go to plan.

Before this film came out director Tim Burton was known for his dark tones to his films so when it was announced that he was doing an animated film I was a bit sceptical. However this is a brilliant film, from the dark Gothic tones, to the brilliant musical numbers. A must watch every Christmas.

The Grinch
Directed by Ron Howard, the film is based on the well known story by Dr Seuss which is set in a little town called Whoville where the residents, the Whos, love Christmas. However, on the outskirts of town lives the Grinch who hates Christmas and will do anything to make Whoville’s Christmas a horrible time.

Jim Carrey was known before this film for his very over the top and slapstick comedy and after he brought a touch of that to the Grinch I can’t imagine anyone else playing him.

If the other films I have suggested above are a little too much for your younger children then sit down with them and watch this… less likelihood of nightmares 🙂

Rare Exports
On Christmas Eve in Finland, Santa Claus is unearthed in an archaeological dig. Soon after, children start disappearing, leading a boy and his father to capture Santa and, with the help of fellow hunters, they look to sell him back to the corporation that sponsored the dig. And then there’s Santa’s elves, who are determined to free their leader.

Now Christmas is supposed to be the time for children, so there are very few movies out there for adults. However, if you are looking for one, then this has to be the top of your list, not only does it take the story about Santa and make him evil, but it’s also one of those rare things that mixes horror with Christmas and does a fantastic job with it.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
I don’t care what anyone says, Chevy Chase may not be the comedy genius he was (though I dare you to watch TV show Community and say that), but this is him at his comedy height, playing a character that he knows well. Full of family-friendly gags and pure moments of comedy gold, the Griswald’s christmas has everything that you hope yours won’t have, a movie that has become as synonymous for me with Christmas as snow. A must watch for Christmas Day. Timeless.

Muppet Christmas Carol
How often do you have a kids’ Christmas movie that isn’t stupid and is as much fun for adults to watch as much as their kids?

Putting the Muppet spin on the Charles Dickens’ classic, and with the great Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge, this is another favourite that’s a must for any family over Christmas, and it’s not only timeless, but it’s genuinely funny throughout.

Bad Santa
Not your typical movie, but this is not your typical Christmas list. Billy Bob Thornton is the world’s worst mall Santa, and a pretty lowly example of a decent human being, but one day he decides to stick up for a kid being picked on the neighbourhood bullies, and decides to give him a helping hand, with some extremely foul-mouthed help along the way, definately not one for the family, adult humour aplenty, but it’s funny enough to make it a worthy entry.

Warning, contains strong language

Die Hard
Not a Christmas movie I hear you scream?! Oh, but it is.

Set at Christmas, it’s as much at home in this list as any of the others (also see Lethal Weapon and Die Hard 2). A classic movie that inspired a thousand immitations, and spawned multiple sequels as well as the career of one Bruce Willis, not to mention the trend of British actors being employed religously as the bad guy after Alan Rickman’s performance as terrorist leader Hans Gruber. What Christmas list would be complete without this action gem? Twenty years on, it’s still as good as the day it was released. Enough said.

Also, so great, they made a music video and a song about it! Warning, contains strong language.

The Long Kiss Goodnight
Not the best of action movies around there, but a decent movie from director Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2) before he went off the deep end and started churning out straight-to-video rubbish.

Starring his then wife, Geena Davis, as a school teacher with no memory of her past or who she is, who finds herself fending off attacks from assassins when the private eye she hired (the ever wonderful Samual L Jackson) has a break in the case. As things begin to come back to her, she realises she may not want to remember who she was.

In a way, this is very much like the Jason Bourne movies, with more ramped-up action, and about ten years earlier. As I said, not the best action movie, but a Christmas one nonetheless, and a rather fun one.

Warning, contains strong language

Other notable mentions: Lethal Weapon, Die Hard 2, Ghostbusters 2, Batman Returns and Scrooged. Did we miss any? Let us know…

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