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It’s this week’s top ten UK box office movies

July 5th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

To say that this week’s top 10 is a interesting one is a bit of a understatement as not only do we have a new number one, but none of the films in the top 10 took more than £1 million and last week’s number 1, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, went from the top of the chart all the way down to 6th spot and taking just under £400,000 in it’s second week.

Three new films entered this week’s top ten, first off going in at 10th spot and taking just over £200,000 was William Friedkin’s violent thriller/drama Killer Joe, doing better than that was Friends With Kids which hit the number 7 spot, however it was Ice Age: Continental Drift that went straight into the number one spot however it wasn’t all roses for the film.
Here is a couple of interesting facts showing why it wasn’t all joy for Ice Age, firstly it’s the first film to go to number 1 that has taken less than £1 million since The Other Guys in 2010 and secondly it’s the lowest grossing number one film since the film Next which was released in April 2007, the only saving grace is that the film has only officially opened in Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland due to the children being on holiday from school, the film itself opens officially in England and Wales on the 13th.

One other quick fact about this week’s chart: the combined total of the takings from all of the films this week was less than half the amount the number one film took this time last year.

10. Killer Joe – (NE) – £208.553
9. Rock of Ages – £240.445 – £2.556.436
8. Chernobyl Diaries – £284.530 – £1.150.720
7. Friends With Kids – (NE) – £357.520
6. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – £386.743 – £2.061.175
5. Snow White and the Huntsman – £606.624 – £14.489.872
4. Men In Black 3 – £727.787 – £20.265.340
3. Five Year Engagement – £745.400 – £2.617.531
2. Prometheus – £750.652 – £23.107.841
1. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift – (NE) – £853.226

New Releases – you only have the choice of two films this week, firstly there is the musical documentary Katy Perry Part Of Me in 3D. The biggest release of the week has to be The Amazing Spider-man which should go straight into the number 1 spot without any trouble.

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