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Jamie Foxx talks Electro costume and origins in Amazing Spider-man 2

December 20th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Jamie Foxx has been talking about his upcoming role as Electro in the sequel to the Amazing Spider-man.

Foxx does cool evil extremely well and he says that the costume of Spidey’s arch-nemesis will not be the goofy four lightning on the face, green and yellow one sported in the classic comics.

The last movie, starring Andy Garfield as Spider-man, was much more grounded than the previous Sam Raimi ones and this will be reflected in the Electro costume. Given the futuristic resources at Osborne Industries in the movie, the evolution of Electro will also be more futuristic and Foxx promises it will not be at all like the comic books. He has spoken of a liquid rubber suit with bolts coming out of his arms (obviously some sort of tech to harness electricity) and at some point he is hung upside down.

He also said the character’s origin story will be different from the comics just as the last movie took the classic Lizard and made him fit the new story. He says that Max Dillon, Electro’s real persona, will reveal that Oscorp have stolen his ideas as he is a nobody, unnoticed by everyone. Spider-man will meet and claim Max as his eyes and ears on the streets which hints towards an alliance of sorts. Max is ecstatic at this but then stuff in his personal life go bad and sends him off the rails resulting in his battling Spider-man. Tragedy it seems will birth some spectacular battles.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 will be released in April 2014.


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