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WATCH: Oliver retro-reviews Street Fighter

November 14th, 2012 by Oliver Harper Comments

Welcome to Oliver Harper’s Retrospectives & Reviews. Like us all at FTN, Oliver LOVES cinema, and like us, he has passions that not everyone shares, but he feels obligated to put the word out. This week Oliver looks at Street Fighter… we’ll let him tell you the aims of these videos himself. Over to you, Oliver…

Every week FTN will be hosting videos looking back at classic films from the 80s and early 90s…

The videos will be a retrospective look back at a particular film covering all sides of the production and discussing how the film turned out. Many people on the net generally like to discuss films with a negative attitude and take joy in bashing films for comedic effect which does work but often many of the reviews aren’t researched well or films are taken out of context for the purpose of making a joke and I feel websites such as youtube have become over-saturated with these types of videos, I wanted to do something different.

“Often you come across films with no extras available on the DVD and you want to know more about it, so with some of the upcoming videos I will be discussing films that don’t get the respect they deserve or the ones that aren’t as bad as people think…”

Street Fighter

After the disastrous results of Super Mario Bros The movie at the box office you would think Hollywood would think more carefully about approaching another video game to movie adaptation. Steven E De Souza, who wrote classics like Die Hard and 48 Hours, was given the role of writing the script but he also wanted to direct it, despite never directing a feature. The producer, Michael Pressman said YES! only if you come up with a story over night! Which he did and Capcom and the studio were happy with what he came up with! De Souza wanted the Street Fighter movie to be a mix of everything from Star Wars to James Bond. He didn’t want it to be a martial arts movie which was the first big mistake. Produced on a modest budget and making a good profit on release, the movie was panned by fans and critics down to poor directing, script, casting and production quality.

It didn’t stay faithful to the game and tried to cram too many characters into one movie with many losing out on screen time and with the story focusing on Guile instead of the heroes of the game Ryu and Ken, it further upset fans.

There has been video game to movie adaptations and many are extremely average and Street Fighter is no exception but… is it fun to watch because of how bad it is? Hell yeah!!!

So grab some beers and sit back, relax and prepare yourself for the most unintentionally funny film ever made.

Oliver’s review:

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Oliver Harper is, like the rest of us at FTN, a bit of a movie freak. He watches, thinks and then breaks down all the classics that were or may never have been. A big fan of 80s cinema, his trivia knowledge is phenomenal and the best part? He records great little videos to share his knowledge. Epic. Find Oliver's updates here:!/groups/370105659683174/--