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FTN Wednesday! Sit back and listen to the Monday Movie Show podcast covering ALL this week’s new releases

April 4th, 2012 by Marc Comments

The guys sit down and discuss this week in film, from home releases, to the big cinema releases… good times. So grab the popcorn and headphones and tune in.

Lucasfilm’s Red Tails gets UK theatrical release date

April 4th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Lucasfilm’s ‘based on true events’ WWII drama finally gets UK theatrical release.. and yes, we’re gonna watch it.

FTN Wednesdays! Oliver looks back at The Running Man (video)

April 4th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Oliver casts his retro-loving eyes over the Arnie action classic The Running Man… get it watched

Listen to Danny Elfman’s Dark Shadows score here for free

April 4th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Dark Shadows is still a month away but here’s your chance to get a special listen to Danny Elfman’s score – and we all know he does his best work with Tim Burton and this is a treat. Enjoy…

Keith Lemon the Film trailer goes live!

April 4th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Here’s your first look at the trailer for the movie that will see Lemon become an over-night millionaire…

Emmerich to bring more White House misery

April 4th, 2012 by bash Comments

Independence Day director (left) has a past (cinematic) history with the home of the US president

New Ender’s Game photo teases fans

April 3rd, 2012 by bash Comments

Harrison Ford (left) has signed up for the movie

FTN Tuesdays: Monster, Myth, and Mime – A Conversation With Doug Jones (Part 1)

April 3rd, 2012 by Max O. Miller Comments

Described by many as the modern day Boris Karloff, Doug Jones has been in so many of your favourite movies, but now it’s time to meet him….

James Bond Skyfall product placement news. Oh dear, oh dear…

April 3rd, 2012 by Marc Comments

Has Skyfall crossde the product placement line this time out? We tend to think this sounds dreadful

Superman: Man of Steel gets new logo

April 3rd, 2012 by Marc Comments

It’s not the biggest news in the world, but it is pretty….

TED red band trailer may not be safe for work, but it very, very funny stuff…

April 3rd, 2012 by Marc Comments

Ted totally blind-sided us and it turns out that this is one of the most adult, and funniest trailers we’ve ever seen. Beware… but also enjoy. NSFW – you’ve been warned

FTN Tuesdays! We team up with The Big Picture and look at April’s big movies and attend the Battleship press conference

April 3rd, 2012 by Marc 1 Comment

It’s April! We team up with The Big Picture and check out April’s big movies and attend the Battleship Press Conference featuring Rihanna and Peter Berg

Carrey and Daniels back for Dumb and Dumber sequel

April 2nd, 2012 by bash Comments

Production will begin later this year

Kutcher to have a bite at Jobs role

April 1st, 2012 by bash Comments

Apple founder (left) died last year from cancer

Total Recall Gets A Full Trailer

April 1st, 2012 by Ronald Nicholls Comments

If you are anything like me, you didn’t get too excited about the upcoming reboot of “Total Recall”. Sony Pictures finally released the full trailer today, and I have to admit, it looks pretty good. It looks like they have taken the original beginning (that made Total Recall unique), and than built their own story onto what we […]

FTN reviews Titanic 3D

April 1st, 2012 by Marc Comments

Most of us have sailed in her already, but now we get to do it all again… in a new dimension

Twins to become Triplets?

March 31st, 2012 by bash Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger (left) and Danny DeVito will return for the comedy, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Yeates still keen on Doctor Who movie

March 30th, 2012 by Paddy Comments

Desoite being shot down a few months ago, David Yeates maintains a big-screen Who IS coming…

Final Wrath of the Titans featurette: Kronos (video)

March 30th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Wrath of the Titans opens today and if you haven’t seen it yet check out this final featurette that focuses on Zeus’ father, Kronos…

Neeson confirmed for Dark Knight Rises?

March 29th, 2012 by Marc Comments

We at FTN kinda idolise Liam Neeson, and not just because he’s local, so this news is exceptional for Batman fans