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Prometheus: A look at the deleted scenes

October 9th, 2012 by Andrew Comments

The DVD/Blu Ray of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus has been released, and it contains several deleted and alternate scenes that were left out of the movie’s theatrical release, here we take a look at them, and see wether they would have answered those all important questions we’re hoping will be answered in further movies.

1 – Arrival Of The Engineers (Alternate Opening) – 2:40

This is a deleted scene that was really hyped once the movie had been released, with screen shots being released online showing several older ‘Engineers’ with the one who we see in the released movie’s opening scene. It’s beyond me why this was changed to the version seen in the released movie, with only the sole Engineer that sacrifices himself to start the process of life. Here in the alternate version, all we get is exactly what is shown in the released images, no dialogue, no action from the other Engineers, they just look on. A huge disappointment.

2 – T’is The Season – 1:02

A slightly extended version of the scene seen in the movie, where after Captain Janek is seen decorating a small Christmas tree, he is seen to be decorating it and placing an angel on the tree. This barely seems to add anything to the movie, only perhaps showing Janek to be someone who is spiritually minded and put forward more the issue of Faith in the movie.

3 – Our First Alien – 0:46

Soon after entering the Engineer construct on the planet, Milburn finds a small worm-like creature crawling around in the dirt, proving the existence of life originating on another planet. The team place it into a container to take back to the ship. The worm is never mentioned in the movie or even referenced in any further deleted scenes, so there’s no idea as to what it was in the movie for, there is one cheesy line though, “Our first alien”, said by David (Michael Fassbender). While the scene doesn’t add much to the movie, it does show Milburn’s nature and why he seems so comfortable approaching the worm-like creatures that he and Fitfield later encounter.

4 – Skin – 0:46

After they are left inside the structure and are wandering the tunnels, Fitfield and Milburn discover skin on the floor similar to that shed by reptiles.

5 – We’re Not Alone Anymore – 1:27

Shaw recites a folk tale that a woman once told her in Africa about how the world was made, celebrating that they have found proof of the Engineers. Holloway is getting drunk, upset that all they have found is remains and no signs of the Engineers being alive. The scene takes place after the team has returned to the ship (just ahead of the storm) and before they make the examination of the Engineer head.

6 – Strange Bedfellows – 3:06

Shaw re-watching the recording of the engineer hologram playback in her quarters. Holloway walks in, and the two discuss the Engineer’s head and the possibility of what happened to all of them. The two get into an argument about what they came to the planet for, and then embrace.

7 – Holloway Hungover – 1:30

After Holloway wakes up, there’s a short moment between Shaw and Him after he notices something in his eye. The deleted scene is 1:30 in length, but only contains about 20 seconds of deleted footage that adds nothing.

8 – David’s Objective – 0:26

Vickers, calling David on the radio after he has cut her off, telling him to get back as the other team members are returning with Holloway and are ‘about to infect my ship’. She then asks him if he has located his objective, to which David responds saying ‘I have, it’s Time’.

9 – Janek Fills Vickers In – 3:38

Janek tells Vickers a story about one of his first piloting jobs where he helped evacuate a facility after a chemical spill and the decision was made to bomb the facility, likening the situation to the Engineers and the base. He tries to console Vickers for having to kill Holloway, saying she looks like she’s in pain, but she just says that she burned her hand. The ship is then shaken by a tremor, which the bridge reports a seismic tremor underground and an increase in heat. The scene adds a little to Janek’s character, but I can see why it would have been left out for pacing reasons.

10 – Fitfield Attacks – 2:09

An alternate version of Fitfield’s return to the ship. It’s exactly the same in composition, only Fitfield looks and moves physically much more like an Alien drone than a human. Why was this not used in the theatrical release instead of the humanoid version we got? It makes much more sense and would have made the purpose of the black liquid more easier to understand for those that struggled to follow the movie. Absolutely dumbfounded as to why this wasn’t used in the movie.

11 – A King Has His Reign – 3:51

A longer version of the Vickers/Weyland conversation, where Vickers seems less cold towards him. It seems more evident that the two are related than in the theatrical cut before she calls him Father. Vickers also references Shaw/Holloway’s offspring in the chamber next door, suggesting that it’s still alive.

12 – The Engineer Speaks – 4:18

After the Engineer found in cryo-sleep awakens, translated by David, he asks why they are there. Weyland says that he is like the Engineers, a creator (using David as an example), maybe even a god, and as such believes he deserves to live forever. The scene ends in the same way as the theatrical version, with the Engineer removing David’s head. While it doesn’t add anything much to the movie, it does give us something ‘promised’ by the movie’s premise, and also explains how the Engineer knew David was a robot.

13 – Final Battle – 5:36

A longer version of the Engineer/Shaw battle aboard the lifeboat, where Shaw, unaware that the Engineer is coming, rests for a moment longer than in the theatrical cut, before being told by David over the radio. She strikes the Engineer a few times with the axe before finally releasing the creature on him from the med-bay.

14 – Paradise – 5:20

Billed as an alternate ending, but unfortunately just a slightly longer wrap up to the movie’s ending, with a discussion between Shaw and David over the radio where she asks him what the Engineer said before he attacked them, David responds by saying there was no direct translation, but that the closest word would be ‘paradise’. The scene plays with Shaw speaking more harshly to David, and calling him a ‘f***ing robot’, rather than the way she acts towards him in the theatrical cut. The footage contains nothing of the alien birth we see at the end of the theatrical cut either.

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