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Prometheus, the movie that never was, but may still be?

October 9th, 2012 by Andrew Comments

We’re suffering from a severe case of Prometheus fever here at FTN at the moment, with the DVD & Blu Ray release this week, everyone’s been all a quiver at the potential bonus features included, hopeful that they will give us answers to some of the riddles that the movie gave us when it was released back in June.

We’ve already looked at the deleted scenes from these features (here), with details of each scene and some notes on why they may have been left out. There’s also been some hints at a potential crossover with another science-fiction movie (see below), but one other thing that’s been learned via an interview with screenwriter Jon Spaihts and Empire Magazine (found here), is that Prometheus started out as a very different movie.

Spaihts reveals that his original draft started out as an “Alien” prequel that got Ridley Scott excited and interested in another “Alien” project, and that the infamous ‘facehuggers’ from the “Alien” films were a key part of two scenes – the Shaw/Holloway sex scene and the much talked about makeshift surgery scene.

“Holloway hubristically removes his helmet in the chamber, is knocked unconscious, facehugged and wakes up not knowing what had been done to him, and stumbles back into the ship. In my draft, he returns to his cabin, is embraced by Shaw, who is delighted to see him having feared that he had died, and the two of them make love. And it’s while they’re making love that he bursts and dies. So that lovemaking sequence echoed my original lovemaking sequence where he explodes! It was messy. “

The other scene involves Michael Fassbender’s David character being more malevolent because he sees himself more like the Engineers than the rest of the Prometheus crew:

“Shaw goes to stop him and David ties her up and deliberately exposes her to a facehugger… David doesn’t smell like a person – his breath isn’t moist – so he can handle the thing like a kitten. It doesn’t want him; it’s not interested. But then he exposes it to her and it goes for her like a shot. He toys with her for a bit and then lets it take her. That, in my draft, was how Shaw was implanted with the parasite that she had to remove with the medpod sequence.”

We’re still wondering what that watermark we looked at back in June (found here) on the end of the movie’s credits means, and depending on the date system used (U.K. – day, month, year, or U.S. – month, day, year), it would suggest that either tomorrow or in a month’s time, we’ll find out. But with the DVD/Blu Ray’s release so close to this date, we’re wondering if it may be linked to some interesting Easter eggs that have been found on that disc.

More human than human.

One such Easter egg found on the Blu Ray is a 58 second clip entitled ‘Merging Ridleyverses’, which describes details of an idea that was briefly floated, but ultimately discarded during the movie’s production. Had they made it into the movie, we would have seen a merging of two universes that Ridley is responsible for bringing to the screen, those of the “Alien” and “Blade Runner” series.

Concept artist Ben Proctor describes an idea in the featurette that didn’t get past the production stage, where director Ridley Scott one day suggested a change of name for the well known ‘Weyland Corporation’ to the ‘Weyland-Tyrell Corporation’, suggesting that one of the bodyguards that accompany Weyland has Batty on his uniform. Proctor suggests that everyone loved the idea, but that ultimately, it was dropped before filming.

Further hints of this can be found in the Blu Ray’s menus on the ‘Happy Birthday David’ viral marketing ad, with a dictated letter by Weyland himself, hinting at the existence of a competing corporation that some may find familiar:

“/Dictated but not read/BEGIN

A mentor and long-departed competitor once told me that it was time to put away childish things and abandon my “toys.” He encouraged me to come work for him and together we could take over the world and become the new Gods. That’s how he ran his corporation, like a God on top of a pyramid overlooking a city of angels. Of course, he chose to replicate the power of creation in an unoriginal way, by simply copying God. And look how that turned out for the poor bastard. Literally blew up in the old man’s face. I always suggested he stick with simple robotics instead of those genetic abominations he enslaved and sold off-world, although his idea to implant them with false memories was, well… “amusing,” is how I would put it politely.

Fortunately, I chose a different trajectory, employing innovation and ingenuity when launching the Weyland Robotics Division. Even out earliest synthetics displayed tremendous intelligence, intuition and compatibility despite their admittedly unconvincing exterior, but now several generations later, the David 8s represent the first true evolutionary step forward in creating new and inevitably superior life on Earth. Some in the media have ridiculed the scope of my ambition. To them I pose this question: Of one who can create life from nothing is a God, then what does that make me? And David 8 is my greatest creation.

In all the most meaningful ways, beyond the messy clutter of foolish procreation, David is my one true offspring and the caretaker who will protect my legacy in this world and the next.


Those who know Ridley Scott’s work, will recognise the hints to certain events from his classic science fiction movie Blade Runner, which it’s been rumoured Scott is planning to revisit with a follow up for his next movie. Perhaps of interest is to note that Guy Pierce, who played an aged Weyland in Prometheus, could possible make a cameo appearance at his present age in the Blade Runner universe, it would certain give a reason why Pierce was cast in the role requiring make up when he never appeared at his current age.

Prometheus was released this week on DVD, Blu Ray and Blu Ray 3D, and is available from most retailers.

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