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Saying bad things about Batman can get you in serious trouble with ‘fans’…

July 19th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

Ok, this happened a couple of days ago, but we thought we’d scare Marc who wasn’t impressed by The Dark Knight Rises in his review.

Website Rotten Tomatoes have had to suspend people’s ability to comment on their site after they pasted the review of the new Batman movie, the Dark Knight Rises.
Two reviewers criticised the movie and the site was flooded with hate filled comments.
Marshall Fine, one of the critics, said the movie was ‘nonsensical’ while another Christy Lemire called it ‘an epic letdown’.
For daring to diss the Bat, such comments as ‘Fine should be beaten with a hose in a coma and die in a fire’ have been pasted, but editor-in-chief Matt Atchity has defended their right to their opinion as well as taking down all the comments.
Which is quite right, but they fully expected a backlash once the first negative reviews went up. Normal service will resume this weekend but anyone putting negative comments like that up will have their comment ability suspended.




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