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Stealth Buda tells us his picks for July in One of the Month

July 2nd, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

One of the Month
This is the second of a monthly column which will look at movies and games if you only had time or the finances to get one, and what my recommendation for the month ahead would be.

 So far ahead, most of this column will be based on hype, preview material and personal experience and this shouldn’t replace reviews for the actual movies and games at a later date.  But it will be a forum for our readers and other members of the FTN team to sound off about what they’re excited about in the upcoming month.

One of the Month – Console Game
Inversion (X360/PS3) – 13 July 2012 (PC – 27 July 2012)

It’s a light month for console games, but Inversion still shines out as a new take on the third-person cover shooter.  Inversion allows you to fight on the walls and ceilings as well as control gravity with a variety of interesting weapons as you fight off an alien invasion of earth.  Environments can be used or destroyed, or used to destroy as you can use gravity to fling items at structures and enemies.  There are plenty of trailers and gameplay previews of Inversion, including a live action trailer but there is no playable demo yet.

Co-op should be very interesting and I imagine, complete gravity abusing carnage.


One of the Month – Portable Gaming
Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (3DS) – 06 July 2012

Not a game I would usually find myself playing.  Dance, music, singing and general pressing of buttons in time to music is really not my style of gaming, but during my play through of a couple of levels of this at a preview I found myself warming to it.  I was a huge fan of Final Fantasy VII (I haven’t played any since) so I tried to play that level on Theatrhythm, but it was a much higher difficulty than my experience allows, so I failed massively.  But at the beginner levels I found it oddly soothing.  The music, as would be expected for a gaming franchise that has its own orchestral show touring the world, is amazing and as things are happening on the screen, it is very easy to lose yourself and step in to a kind of reactive auto-pilot with the button pressing.

It is much more challenging than I thought it would be, and a must buy for Final Fantasy fans.

It’s a very light month for gaming, so if Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy isn’t your thing, save for the inveritable onslaught of games as the Christmas season approaches.  Or go and see Spiderman and Batman at the cinema this month.


One of the Month – Movies
The Dark Knight Rises – 20 July 2012

There’s going to be a divide this month between Spiderman and Batman fans.  I’m aiming to see both, but if I could only see one, without a doubt, it would be the Dark Knight Rises.  Christopher Nolan has made two masterpieces so far and even if it gets the worst reviews in the world, we owe it to him to see his trilogy through.  I don’t think he will let us down though and I can’t wait to see this conclusion.


What are you most excited about this month?  Are you down with Spiderman or Batman?   Or are you an Ice age or Katy Perry fan?  Although gaming releases are light, there are other options out there.  There will be a chart battle between the Final Fantasy 3DS and Kingdom Hearts release this month.

Tell me your three picks of the month.

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