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The Sasquatch is coming. Be afraid, be very afraid…

July 29th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

It’s be a long time coming, but it’s about time we got a good scary Sasquatch movie. Could this be the one?

One of the biggest mysteries of the last century and is does Bigfoot exist? Despite video, hair samples that cannot be traced to any known animal cries that have been proven to be beyond any known species, thousands of eye witness sightings and the world’s only expert in primate podiatry has confirmed the foot prints do indeed have markings similar to fingerprints yet match no primate on record, it still fires debate about the validity of its existence. In the Time Warriors Red Water, old Bigfoot is revealed in all his glory as a defender of the mountains as old Native American legends say as well as walking the corridors of the Juggernaught.

But co-director and writer of the Blair Witch Project Ed Sanchez is about to dispel it once and for all. He has made a new movie called Exists, saying it’s the most excited he’s been about a movie since Blair Witch. Ever since he saw the Legend of Bogey Creek, a famous Bigfoot movie from the seventies, he’s always wanted to do a Bigfoot movie. It will be a found footage style film and was shot in twenty days. Don’t expect any CGI monster here like Mummy 3s Yeti. What makes it more exciting is that the guys behind Hellboy and Predators have designed the suit so expect something frightening and spectacular. This is as reality based as you can get as a group of unfortunates are stalked in the forests by the big man himself.

Sanchez has said ‘Prepare to be scared!”. We at the Nerd cannot wait.

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