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Treasure Trapped – a Kickstarter

December 21st, 2012 by Jay Comments

Link to Kickstarter page

Treasure Trapped is the documentary film that chronicles our journey into the LARP community. It’s our adventure into the adventures of every day people, the history of their hobby and everything in between!

Depending on your exposure to this intriguing pastime, you probably have two questions. What is LARP? And why are you making a documentary about it?

For the uninitiated, LARP (live action role play) can be seen as an extension of the fantasy gaming world of Dungeons and Dragons, but this time it’s for real! You may be thinking it’s those beardy guys you’ve seen hitting each other with swords, or maybe the teenagers in the woods playing real-life Lord of the Rings; you would be right, but it’s also much more. Did you know of those people who recreated a Jane Austen novel and spiced it up with aliens or the folk over in Scandinavia who role-played being stuck in a lift for six hours? These may seem like extreme examples, but that’s just how varied LARP can be.

Cosmic Joke are a film making partnership who’ve been together since 2010. Director Alex Taylor has been working in films for a number of years whilst Cosmic Joke have been churning out award winning music videos and online treats! Partners Michael Surman and Nick Peel complete the Treasure Trapped trio whilst an army of in house production staff and industry freelancers bulk out the team.

More information about Cosmic Joke and Treasure Trapped can be found at or followed on twitter @cosmicjokeuk and @treasuretrapped

Link to Kickstarter page


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