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UK top ten box office countdown (WE 05 June 2013)

June 13th, 2013 by Stuart Miller Comments

Well The Hangover Part III reign as the UK number one has finally come to an end thanks to one of this week’s new films.

A grand total of four new films featured in this week’s chart, first off going in at number ten was drama thriller The Iceman starring Michael Shannon, hitting one place above that was documentary Stone Roses: Made of Stone, which went in at number nine and the final new entry in the top five went to Behind the Candelabra which went in at number seven. Into the top five and the only new film to make any impact was After Earth which went straight into the number one spot despite it getting really bad reviews.

The only other thing of note about this week’s chart is that The Last Exorcism 2 failed to get into the top ten, as a matter of a fact it only managed to go in at a very low number 13 despite getting a descent release.

New Releases – Now I doubt I have to remind anybody that the only new film worthy of note trying to get into next week’s chart is The Man of Steel – however I have to, so there you go.

10. The Iceman – (NE) – £201,789
9. Stone Roses: Made of Stone – (NE) – £367,319
8. Behind the Candelabra – (NE) – £513,288
7. The Purge – £541,859 – £2,236,252
6. Star Trek Into Darkness – £658,225 – £24,350,387
5. The Great Gatsby – £658,225 – £13,592,156
4. Epic 3D – £665,456 – £11,210,545
3. Fast and Furious 6 – £846,541 – £23,265,775
2. The Hangover Part 3 – £1,145,249 – £16,162,073
1. After Earth – (NE) – £2,249,532


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