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CONSPIRACY THEORY: The greatest show on earth: Michael Jackson is alive

October 17th, 2012 by The Conspiracist 26 Comments

In the first of our indepth looks at the big conspiracy theories, we look into the death of Michael Jackson. Surrounded, many argue, with mystery, we look at the evidence/theories out there that make the argument that there is much, much more to the story…

On January 12, 2009, the National Enquirer predicted that Michael Jackson had six months to live. Claiming that Michael Jackson was bedridden, dying slowly from a genetic disorder that would require a lung transplant; and that he was addicted to painkillers and alcohol. Insiders and family friends claimed that he was in really bad shape, and that they would be surprised if he lasted another six months.

The world was told of Michael Jackson’s death six months later on June 25, 2009. Coincidence? Micheal’s daughter, Paris cryptically referred to this in her speech at the 2010 Grammy awards: “Daddy was supposed to be here. Daddy was gonna perform but he couldn’t perform last year, thank you, we love you Daddy”.  On first hearing this it doesn’t appear to make much sense. He was going to perform but couldn’t last year? because in January 2009 he was bedridden with only six months to live! Michael was omitted from the montage at the end of the Grammys, which shows everyone within the industry who had passed away in 2009. In the film ‘This is it’, and the memorial at the Staples Centre, there was no ‘Dedicated to the memory of’ or ‘R.I.P.’ in the credits or stage images. In fact, at the end of the memorial, there is a picture of Michael with the words “I am Alive and I’m here forever”, taken from the song ‘The Man’ by Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson. The lyrics of this song are very interesting when linked with a hoax – read them here.

LaToya Jackson believed that the people around Michael were setting the stage for his murder. If people believed that he was gravely ill, then his death would not be questioned. I, and countless others, believe that he was setting the stage for a fake death.

The following excerpts from Jermaine Jackson’s book ‘You are not Alone’ highlight Michael’s uncanny ability in manipulating the world’s media into portraying him in a way that he could use to his own ends:

Chapter 21 The Comeback King
“Around the fall of 2008 – the period when his life was back on track, his health was nearing peak fitness and he was physically preparing for the greatest comeback ever seen….the guesswork about his health, especially after his death, summed up the theme of Michael’s life: gossip and wild interpretation warped the true picture.”

“About the photo in 2008 of Michael in a wheelchair…he wanted the media to think he was weak and couldn’t perform, the man who was forever underestimated was fooling everyone. It was an act. He was in one of his disguises….he of all people knew the power of an image …so imagine – just imagine – if he bounced back and surprised the world going from that state to this.”

“Because no comeback is truly a comeback until the odds seem impossible.”

“Michael was a master manipulator of image, he wanted the ultimate vindication in the court of the world. The King of Pop turned Comeback King. Restored to the best and greatest. Silencing every doubter and hater.”

“… some time before 2014 he had two more tours up his sleeve,the tour was going to be named ’back by popular demand’ dates that no one knew about. The dates for London were not the end just the beginning… many misunderstood his commercial astuteness because he excelled at smoke-and-mirrors, mystery and big surprises.”

So Michael was not gravely ill; he had many plans for the future that no-one was aware of. He played the media – giving them the information that he wanted them to have. There are many theories circulating as to the reasons he may have faked his death. I believe the most important part in all of this is to not believe everything the media tells you, and to question everything. In today’s society the media controls everything, and people rarely question what it chooses to tell us.

One of the biggest controversies in the death hoax is the trial of Dr Conrad Murray. Why would Michael choose to fake his death and let a man go to prison for it? A lot of people within the hoax community believed that Dr Murray wouldn’t go to prison. When the verdict was read out, many people became disheartened and started to think that Michael had actually died. Listen to the verdict which you can find on youtube. Firstly the judge reads out that one of the jury had made a typo regarding the date of the alleged incident. The verdict was then published; note that Dr Murray was not asked to stand and face the jury.

“The people of the state of California plaintiff versus Conrad Robert Murray, defendant. Case no.SA073164. We the Jury in the above entitled action, find the defendant – Conrad Robert Murray – guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter….Alleged victim Michael Joseph Jackson. Alleged date of June 25th 2009…”

How can someone be found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of an alleged victim, unless they are not actually sure of who the victim is? Why add the alleged date, making it even more confusing? They do not even know for sure that this alleged incident took place on June 25th 2009. That was not the only strange thing in the verdict. MJ’s name is Michael Joe Jackson, not Michael Joseph Jackson. Jermaine puts this discrepancy to an end in his book stating that his birth certificate says Michael Joe Jackson, not Joseph.

And that rumours about his true name only started circulating after his death.

The middle name ‘Joe’ was used in the court proceeding for the molestation trial in 2005. The name ‘Joe’ was used on his driver’s licence, which was the only thing used to identify his body; even though numerous family members where available to identify him. Why is the wrong name on the death certificate, the autopsy report and court documents? And why, three years on, is there no name at all on his tomb? In fact, for quite a while after the memorial – held at the Staples Centre – no-one seemed to know where his body even was. Even his father, Joe Jackson, told Larry King he didn’t know where Michael’s body was.

To date, even with the trial for involuntary manslaughter, no-one seems to know what really happened on June 25th 2009. The bodyguards, the personal chef and the paramedics all have conflicting stories. One paramedic has even said that he did not recognise the body to be Michael Jackson. He thought that it was a frail old man who had died of a terminal illness.

The only ambulance picture (below) captured was taken by a friend of Michael Jackson, Ben Evanstad; who works for the National Photo Group. It has been deemed a fake by the Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman. Michael was pronounced dead at 2.26pm – 2hrs after paramedics had arrived at his home. Paramedics testified that he was already dead when they arrived. So why spend two hours trying to revive him? Various news outlets had reported that Michael was in a coma. Yet TMZ (who were reporting on Michael’s frequent visits to Dr Arnold Klein in the weeks before his death) somehow knew that he was dead at 2.20pm.

Jermaine Jackson made the official statement at a UCLA press conference; not a doctor or an official from Ronald Reagan medical centre, but Michael’s brother. Jermaine has a major part in all of this, and he has made a few big slip ups. When asked about the day of Michael’s death and the immediate aftermath in an interview for Australian Radio (below) he stated: “Michael was not with us before he arrived to the airport”. Airport!? He then changed it to ‘Hospital’ with a smile. Airports and Hospitals are very different places… aren’t they? He also mixed up the lyrics of the song ‘Smile’ during his performance at the memorial, singing “Light up your face with SADNESS, Hide every trace of GLADNESS”.

The burial – although several months after his death –  and after numerous ridiculous stories as to why it was taking so long; went of without a hitch. Well kind of. The family turned up more than an hour late and, although it was said to be a private event, they had a film crew there for the entire event (Although the public only got to see people arriving). The biggest slip up by far has to be the burial booklet, which is available for all to see on the internet (very private!):

September 3, 2009
Forest Lawn Memorial Park
Glendale, California

Villa Sorriso
168 Colorado Blvd, Pasadena,

Internment: 1.The act of interning or confining, especially in wartime. 2. The state of being interned; confinement
Repass: 1. To pass (something) again. 2. To cause to pass again in the opposite direction 3. To pass again; go by again.

The words should have read:
Interment (the act of burying) and
Repast (a meal or the food eaten or provided at a meal).

Many believe that Michael Jackson is dead, but no-one can argue with the numerous inconsistencies that are present throughout this case. Dead or Alive ,there is something seriously wrong!

FTN would like to say that the reader is responsible for discerning the validity, factuality or implications of information posted here, be it fictional or based on real events

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The identity of this person must remain a secret for they have access to information that we should not know... for they are, The Conspiracist!

  • Emma Johnston

    Ooooooooh. now THAT is interesting!! The man made, and in turn, destroyed himself. Genius, perhaps. Insane? Undoubtedly.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely. Also, Fezs are cool :)

  • A Henry

    Inconsistencies for sure! Maybe the author could investigate further for some hard evidence?

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of a conspiracy theory though?

      • Meryl

        Exactly I mean if anyone was gonna cover up the fact that they are still alive they are hardly gonna leave any hard evidence floating about….ESP someone like MJ.

  • Dr ahamelmahay

    Maybe mj is not what who cares?

    • Neena

      There are prob a lot of people who don’t care….but there are also a lot of people who do care….what gets me is that the people who say ‘so what who cares?’ feel like they need to read and comment on things that they do not care about!

  • Dr ahamelmahay

    Mj lives with james dean,elvis marilyn etc every body knows that.

  • Dr ahamelmahay

    The thing is with these conspiricy theories they are interesting to read but we have learnt from all the others before none of them have ever been proven Elvis has not returned and neither will mj ,So if this theory is right and mj is alive how will it change anything if someone sights mj shopping in Dundalk no one will believe it ,so for me i dont care because i love mj,elvis,marylin,james dean and lots others who have passed on but for me they are alive in their music and films and i will always have access to these people that is why i do not care.

    • Neena

      I totally agree that if he is ever spotted in Dundalk or anywhere else….it will not be believed…….people are fed so much crap from the mass media that it is hard to know what to believe. I love conspiracy theories not just because they are interesting to read but they keep your eyes and mind open to all possibilities….as regards to Elvis MJ continually asked Lisa Marie about the facts surrounding his death and told her aswell as others that he intended/feared that he would go out like Elvis….which undeniably he did in so many ways including the death hoax reports….dead or alive he got what he wanted…anyway I respect your opinion now that you have explained it.

  • Dr ahamelmahay

    The best theory is the moon landing in 1969 never happend and was filmed in a studio !!
    I think if you look into these things enough then we could all be living in the truman show or do we already ?? are these people my real parents ? how do i know if i have real friends.or they acting ….im freeking my self out now ….

    • Neena

      Hahahaha yeah it can all get a bit to much def need to strike a balance or you would go insane…although personally i like a bit of insanity!

  • Anonymous

    We love the idea of Michael Jackson shopping in Dundalk!

  • stan74

    More articles like these plz!

  • c stevenson

    i think you could be right and why was la toya never seen with micheal are they one and the same?

    • cdaniels0605

      i dont think she is michael. i do however believe she and other family members have part in the hoax. If we want to help we should look at all the facts and figure out what michael was (is) trying to tell us. He doesnt need us looking for him and if thats what he wanted why would he fake his death?

    • Me

      La Toya and Michael are NOT the same person, this was put to rest years ago, when La Toya posed for Playboy!

  • cdaniels0605

    There are many questions that need to be answered and if you pay attention you can find the answers to some of them. My problem is I have reviewed the facts and to say that Michael Jackson is dead is crazy, in my opinion. If Michael has faked his death I think it was for a BIG reason or reasons. For years he has been trying to tell the world that something demonic is going on in this world but few of us paid attention, me being one of them. The day he “died” I was shocked sad and confused. At first I believed that he was dead untill I began to search the web, rewatched the memorial, Grammys of 2009 and 10, and watched some youtube videos by Mjfanforeverandaday, pianogames, mjhoaxevidence and many others. I also review his songs and interviews and found that there was a message in them if connected in the right way. The Conrad Murray trial was full of information and it confirmed more that he was alive than him being dead. When the album Michael came out I listened and found more things than before and to this day I am still trying to put it all together as new things pop up that I had not saw before. I do believe in the facts that have been ucovered but at the same time I ask myself “Is this all real or just the greatest show on earth or the greatest comeback of an amazing artist? Let me change that, the greatest comeback of the King of music and film.”

  • Troy Lopaka Abraham

    He wants to fufill an illuminati plan of ressurection shocking the world taking spolight ontop of saving the world from a global end of the world trauma.

  • Claudia

    I’ve come across this article after having checked out many youtube videos, other aricles since a while. I’m always and still stunned that people believe everything the media is telling – the clear facts that lead to something strange are THERE, and yet they don’t look through the surface. Many things don’t make sense what the media is showing, here I found more details:

    and how many times did he tell everyone not to pay attention to the media that is “garbage”? (:

    Anyway – I believe he is out there somewhere, and not dead, even if he won’t come back, he leaves enough messages, and I hope that he is happy – no matter where he is, because after all he deserves it.

  • Nyaja Gay

    how would Paris know if Michael was gonna perform in 2010? I TOTALLY BELIEVE MICHAEL IS ALIVE. I THINK HE IS COMING 12/27/14.

    • tracey

      Y do u think that date. I am a beLIEver.

  • Nyaja Gay


  • King Mj Jackson

  • King Mj Jackson
  • Ann Nonymous

    He’s alive. No doubt in my mind.

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