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FTN WRAPS UP CHRISTMAS: The ten top Christmas paranormal stories

December 12th, 2012 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Ok, we’ve been running our top ten lists of Christmas gifts for the nerds in your life – or yourself – everything from graphic novels to Blu-rays. But we also have a busy little paranormal section on the site which is a lot of fun, so we thought we’d get Owen to put together a list of the best paranormal happenings ever to take place around the festive season… did he rise to the occasion? Oh yes he did!

Shape-shifting UFO
A shape shifting UFO was filmed over Michigan, America on Christmas Eve 2011. Witnesses claimed it was similar to the one that appeared over the dome of the rock in Jerusalem earlier in the same year. Again video was recorded.

The Rendlesham UFO is perhaps the most famous English UFO event. It took place over Christmas, beginning on Christmas Eve, 1980 when US Air Force personnel had sightings and contact with a mysterious pyramid shaped object in the forests of Rendlesham. They claimed this object reappeared several times over the Christmas period and the US officers involved have audio recordings of the events, drawings and photographs of the indents they claim the craft left in the ground as well as numerous eye witness testimony from the soldiers involved. It remains the most controversial and compelling UFO sighting on British soil ever.

December 2012, George Knapp, a famous American paranormal journalist who has extensively researched and written several books on UFOs, has revealed he has seen the reported Dr Ketchum evidence and research that, if true, will confirm beyond doubt that the Sasquatch is in fact a living, breathing animal. The research has collected samples from all over the country, including the corpses of two Sasquatch shot and killed by a hunter. He has signed a non-disclosure document which forbids him to talk about it, but he promises that this Christmas the world is about to get its best Christmas present ever. Read more here.

Ghost Lady
The brown lady of Raynham Hall was first recorded as a visual apparition by Lucia C. Stone at a gathering at the hall at 1835. Two guests reported seeing her the night before and remarked on the brown dress, hence her nickname. She is believed to be the ghost of Lady Dorothy Walpole, wife of Charles Townsend, notorious for his violent temper. She has been reported over the years by numerous people but she is most famous because she is the first photographed ghost. In 1936 County Life sent two photographers to depict the house but when they developed their photos they discovered an image on the staircase which, to this day, has not been disproven. It has become the most famous paranormal ghost image of all time. (see photo below).

Christmas spook
On Christmas Day 1980 ghost hunters spent time at Chingle Hall in Whittingham, England, where they recorded rapping noises, saw shapes moving across the walls and heard sounds emanating from an old priest’s hiding hole, as well as significant temperature decreases. They had come to the hall because of its reputation for poltergeists and visions of monks scaring visitors. There had also been reports of a long haired man walking outside a window – problem was the window was twelve feet off the ground. There have been several more investigations over the years with images of blue and white lights appearing in photographs. In 1985 the sound of bricks being moved also were heard from the priest’s hole and witnesses saw a human hand moving them. Both the sounds and a shadowy figure were caught on audio and photographs – watch some of these here.

Baby spirit
Hazelwood Castle in Leeds, England is a popular get away spot for people but it has a rich history of sightings and strange happenings. Over the Christmas period in 2003 a guest complained of a crying baby keeping her awake except there were no babies staying in any of the adjoining rooms. A cleaner thought she saw another cleaner in a bathroom mirror and had a conversation but there was no one there. The ghost of a priest has been seen walking from the direction of the Great hall into the library, following the same route as it would have when the castle was first built.

The Devil
Roos Hall driveway in Suffolk, England  is said to have a visitor every Christmas Eve when a coach pulled by headless horses arrives at the front door. Legend has it that inside the wall of the hall, in a bedroom cupboard, is the hoof print of the Devil himself in solid brick. Another tale tells of a window that opens by itself even when locked.

Royal Haunting
Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII, is also given to appearing on Christmas Eve. She has been spotted on numerous occasions walking the grounds of her home Hever Castle in Kent, England. It is said that she walks calmly across the bridge away from the castle at Christmas. Anne was famously one of the executed wives of the infamous King Henry. As the Doctor once said, “She lost her head, poor thing.”

Scare the Dickens out of you…
Nobody told a Christmas ghost story quite like Charles Dickens. He set the bar for how Christmas ghosts are written. People reported seeing him walk past his old home in Rochester, England. Dickens wanted to be buried here when he died but public demand saw him laid to rest instead at Westminster Abbey. So maybe he finally got to get back to the town he loved so well and at the season which he made so famous.

The door slamming spectre
Hampton Court Palace in London delivered the most famous piece of paranormal footage that no one has been able to prove a hoax. Security guards were bemused by the amount of closed doors being opened after they had done their rounds and closed them. However CCTV caught the culprit, resulting in footage widely confirmed as the best proof of a haunting in the world. The footage (below) shows closed doors again being thrown open by an invisible force. Then out of nowhere a robed figure appears and pulls them closed. No one can identify him and there was no-one in the building at the time of the occurrence. Some have speculated that it is Cardinal Wolsey, one time friend of Henry VIII.

I'm an LA journalist who really lives for his profession. I have also published work as Jane Doe in various mags and newspapers across the globe. I normally write articles that can cause trouble but now I write for FTN because Nerds are never angry, so I feel safe.