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History of our Paranormal obsession

January 21st, 2012 by Dicky 1 Comment

Long before Most Haunted, or even the original Ghost Hunters from which the TAPS series took it’s name (yes, believe it or not, Ghost Hunters is a remake), there was a show on the BBC called Ghostwatch.

Airing on Halloween of 1992, Ghostwatch was, without a doubt, the start of the modern obsession with paranormal themed reality television. It was shot in a handheld style, featured a team of people hunting poltergeists, and took a documentary approach to it’s presentation.

A curious thing happened that evening in ’92. Despite the BBC flat out announcing to everyone that the show was a scripted drama, British television viewers freaked out, believed the whole thing, and flooded the BBC with calls about paranormal activity in their own homes. It prompted the television company to can the show and promise never to air it again. In fact, they completely disowned it.

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