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MUFON promises two announcements today that will rock the world

August 5th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

Is the world literally on the verge of groundbreaking UFO disclosure?

The annual Mufon (Mutual UFO Network) conference is taking place right now in Covington, Kentucky and at 4.30 their time, the schedule has said there will be a ‘National Release of Blockbuster UFO Discovery’.

David McDonald, MUFON’s International director, has said there will be two major announcements, one of which is so sensitive that they need to have the proper security in place to protect the material and the people involved who have it in their possession.

McDonald said that the announcements will rock through the UFO world for years to come.

Now, given the dead Bigfoot debacle of last year which was revealed to be a hoax and really shot down by Bigfoot hunters all over the world, many are sceptical but for years MUFON has been trying to make the scientific community stand up and take notice that this phenomenon is real and deserves top notch scientific study.

Is this the day the world changes forever or will sceptics be sitting back smirking once again? In this case time really is going to tell.

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