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PARANORMAL PONDERINGS: Amityville ‘Ghost Boy’ picture still baffles to this day…

May 17th, 2013 by Owen Quinn Comments

Everyone knows the story of the Amityville Horror. The Lutz family fled the house in the middle of the night claiming they were the victims of abnormal and demonic paranormal activity. Their story was turned into a best-selling book and a hit movie which spawned several sequels and the case remains one of the most controversial in paranormal history. There were claims of exaggeration to make a good story and the controversy still rages to this day about exactly what happened on that fateful night.

But there is one piece of evidence that has long been the subject of study and claimed as proof positive that there was indeed something paranormal in the house in Amityville. It was first brought to the world’s attention in 1979 on the Merv Griffin show and apparently had been undiscovered for three years. George Lutz was putting together a book about the house and asked his secretary to choose pictures for it. She found the one of the little boy and claimed her baby, she was pregnant at the time, kicked every time she picked it. On asking his daughter did they know who it was, Missy allegedly said that it was the little boy she used to play with in the house. On that, Lutz contacted both Ed and Lorraine Warren, one of the world’s leading investigation teams and the photographer Gene Campbell. They were called in to investigate the house for themselves and see if the Lutzs’ claims had any validity.

Gene had been brought in to photograph the house and he had set an automatic camera on the second floor over night resulting in a lot of photos and apparently nothing in them. That is, until Lutz’s secretary found it. Research showed a considerable likeness to one of the DeFeo family, the youngest boy who were murdered in the house. His eldest brother Butch had killed his entire family in the house claiming that the voices made him do it. It was those same voices that terrified the Lutzs enough to flee their new home 29 days after they had purchased it.

The photo (above) does seem to show a very clear image of a young boy peeking from a doorway in the house and his face is clearly discernible. And if you compare it to photos of the youngest DeFeo son (below), there is a remarkable resemblance. However doubt was thrown on it when the Amityville Truth Board emailed Paul Bartz, one of the people in the house that night, asking was it in fact him in the photo and the ghostly eyes a result of a camera flash.

He neither confirmed nor denied it with additional claims that the shirt he was wearing matched the pattern seen on the ghost child. However, this couldn’t be determined as the patterns do not exactly match each other. However, Ed and Lorraine Warren insist that there was no one else in the house that night and the photo is genuine. Would it really be in the interests of the Warrens to take part in a hoax when they have fought to get this paranormal field of research scientific acknowledgement and recognition as real event that needs study? They refuted all claims that the haunting itself was a hoax based on their own investigations and, to this day, the photo remains the subject of doubt and controversy.

What do you think? Is it real proof of a ghost haunting or a fake? The jury is still out. But for many, this is proof positive of existence of the supernatural.

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