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Paranormal Ponderings: FTN looks at the Aurora UFO crash

December 21st, 2012 by Marc Comments

A UFO crash in 1897, an alien buried with full christian rights, a town that kept its secret, possible alien tech buried under a ton of concrete, strange cigar shaped airships in a time before the first manned flight by the Wright brothers and a conspiracy of silence that lasts to this day.

Sound like a Time Warriors story? But no, it is in fact a completely real account of a UFO crash that happened in the Texan town of Aurora back in the 19th century. For many ufologists it is the first Roswell and one that has been reported for ages before the actual crash. The Dallas Morning News reported cigar flying ships in the skies and in 1897 it ran the bi story that in April 17th a craft had crashed into a windmill on the property of one Judge J.S. Proctor (artist’s impression below).

The ship fell from the skies in the early hours and it reported that when the townspeople ran to help the judge whose flower garden had also been destroyed in the crash. When they got there they found to their astonishment a body in the wreckage. It was clearly stated that this was not a human but smaller and definitely not of this planet. The townspeople claimed it was a Martian and it was the only person in the craft. It did not survive and was buried with full religious rites in the local graveyard. This was mentioned in the Texas Historical Commission Wreckage as fact.

It was apparently buried under the damaged windmill. In 1945 a mister Brawley Oates purchased the property and cleared out the well beneath the windmill to use it as a water source again. However, Mister Oates developed severe arthritis which he claimed had come from contaminated water that had been caused by the wreckage. He then sealed the well with a concrete slab which is still there to this day and has a wire fence around it to prevent it being disturbed. However, in 2008 the programme UFO Hunters were allowed access to the well but the water contained only large amounts of aluminium.

In 2005, the show UFO Files found two eye witnesses to the event that were still alive but all attempts to gain permission to exhume the grave were refused. Mary Evans who was 15 at the time, told of how her parents went to help and they spoke of the body, while Charlie Stevens, who was ten at the time, saw the smoke trail across the sky but was stopped from going down to the site by his father who made him finish his chores. His father however did witness the site for himself and saw the wreckage. The marker on the grave was found to apparently show a ship of some sort and a metal detector revealed something metallic underground; the same readings that they had had at the well. But the marker disappeared and the metal detector suddenly could detect nothing there. The UFO Hunters in 2008 did use a ground penetrating radar to check the grave and did indeed find a body had been buried underneath but it was too degraded to prove anything conclusively. It has been dismissed as a hoax but there is a reluctance to talk about it in any detail by the townspeople.

For me, the story is true mainly down to several factors. No-one knew what an airship was and the fact it was reported in the papers, which in those days were newspapers and not sensationalist rags, shows there was no reason to spin a hoax story, despite the town’s severe financial and other troubles. There was nothing to be gained. This was your typical town where everyone knew everyone. They acted like any good town would; they buried the creature in their own graveyard and I’m fairly sure they were intelligent enough to know an injured human when they saw it and in those days novels spoke of Martians which is where they assumed it was from. And the fact young Charlie was told to finish his chores was just typical of parent’s behaviour of that time. That is a human reaction and cements this event in realism for me. The news reports of flying ships all across the country are fact in many different newspapers. The concept was alien (no pun intended – ed)  to the populace at the time and as someone said, no-one covered it up because they didn’t realize it was something that people shouldn’t know about. It was an injured being that needed help and they gave it.

And how intriguing is it that the answer to the existence to alien life could really be in an unmarked grave in the town of Aurora Texas? Whatever the truth, the Aurora UFO crash stands as testament to the kindness and goodwill of humanity. We embraced an alien into our lives over a hundred years ago, I’m hopefull the same would still stand today. Times change, the human heart doesn’t.

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