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Things people ask about starting Paranormal investigations

January 23rd, 2012 by Dicky 2 Comments


  • We aren’t  scientists.  A tape recorder and a digital camera aren’t the equivalent of a hard earned degree
  • Leave the “helping people” to priests and psychologists. You will only make things worse.
  • Trespassing is not that big of a deal, and the rewards far often outweigh the risk of a fine. Remember if you do,  “take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” and don’t get caught.
  • Orbs are usually dust.
  • Don’t believe everythoing you see on Ghost Hunters / Paranormal State / GhostLab / Haunted Collector, etc. are labelled “docu-soaps” for a reason they’re just decent performers
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. In a field that is inherently silly, no one should be afraid to look a little ridiculous at times. Make mistakes. Your “stupid idea” might be the next big thing in the paranormal community.
  • Ouija boards are not dangerous portals to hell. On the contrary, they are portals to your subconscious. It’s often twice as scary.
  • don’t come up with a cute acronym for your team name. In fact, don’t call yourselves a team and don’t give people titles like “lead investigator” or “tech specialist
  • The paranormal is a pretty broad subject. Make use of that.
  • Read. Never buy a how-to book. In a field with no rules, it’s pointless.
  • Write EVERYTHING down. Save it.
  • Don’t let it become a competition. Everyone wants to be the ‘next big thing’. Chances are, they won’t be.
  • Wear trousers!.
  • It’s ok to have fun. There’s a popular attitude in the paranormal community right now, particularly with ghost hunters, that one must be in this for a “purpose”. Simply not true. It’s easy to appear an important person in a field that requires no credentials.
  • Remember, some psychics are liars and drama queens.. The quicker/more often they share their “gift” with everyone in earshot, the faker they are.
  • Keep your religious beliefs to yourself.  Whatever you are.  Jjust shut up about it.
  • Just because it’s not real doesn’t mean you have to write it off.
  • Most skeptics you will meet are former believers that set their expectations too high and never got the payoff they wanted.
  • Every good gang needs at least of the following: a fat kid, a nerd, a girl, and a guy who doesn’t really want to be there.
  • Paranormal conferences are a waste of money.
  • The best tool you’ll ever have is your flashlight. Don’t scrimp on it. And don’t have one that clicks!
  • It’s the journey, not the destination, that will change your beliefs. Remember, opinions evolve. Let them.
  • Don’t set your expectations too high. Drop them. Sure, you probably won’t see a ghost, but you’ll have a good time and That’s what you’ll remember.

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