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India joins the race to Mars

March 13th, 2013 by Marc Comments

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said his country will send an unmanned craft to the Red Planet by Christmas

Spider-man is: Scientifically sound. Well, sort of.

March 1st, 2013 by Owen Quinn Comments

A group of scientists were troubled by that part where Spider-man stops a train, So they decided to see if there’s any scientific reality to it. And guess what…?

Paranormal Ponderings: FTN looks at the Ajanta Caves

February 15th, 2013 by Owen Quinn Comments

PARANORMAL PONDERINGS: The world is full of mysterious places, like the Ajanta caves, discovered in 1819 in India. A series of caves and temples carved into the cliff face, it’s testament to the ability of man. Or is it?

Picture of newborn baby becomes internet sensation… and rightfully so we think

January 4th, 2013 by Marc Comments

We’ve all seen picture of babies just after they’re born, but this one is something quite special…

Snow Circles are a genuine work of art

December 30th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

It’s not aliens but one man who created these out of this world works of art…

Cops help make a Christmas miracle for tragic little girl

December 23rd, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

When a terminally ill little girl has Christmas taken from her, two police officers thought there was something they could do. A Christmas story that may help restore some of your faith in humanity.

New species of spider builds decoy of itself

December 20th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

Spiders prove they may be more intelligent than previously thought…

WATCH: UPDATED! Golden Eagle attempts to snatch a toddler from Canadian park

December 19th, 2012 by Marc Comments

If you’re a parent we have a new nightmare scenario for you… watch and shudder

Proof of Noah’s ark found by man who discovered Titanic

December 13th, 2012 by bash Comments

Robert Ballard (left) claims to have discovered artifacts relating to the infamous flood in the Bible

WATCH: Catfish start hunting pigeons. On land. Run away!

December 10th, 2012 by Marc Comments

Imagine, you’re walking along the riverbank and boom! Grabbed by… a catfish. Ok, that’s my imagination, but you NEED to see this

FTN gets scientific: Water and fuel from Air?

December 9th, 2012 by Big Phil 1 Comment

Just like the moisture vaporators on Tatooine, scientists are now looking at creating water literally from thin air…

Ice over the sky in Stockholm creates a stunning spectacle…

December 3rd, 2012 by Marc Comments

Sometimes nature can be more incredible than any imagined phenomena…

Europe to join forces with NASA for manned deep space probe

November 19th, 2012 by bash Comments

The four-person US Orion spaceship would take man to the Moon and beyond

WATCH: Puffer Fish structures underwater stun scientists

September 24th, 2012 by Marc Comments

This little guy (left) is a puffer fish. And while you may think ‘it’s just a fish’, we promise this video will make you rethink that… this truly is an astonishing world we live on.

Newly discovered planet resembles Tatooine…

September 7th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

The Planet Kelper 47 has twin suns… that’s a little awesome, right?

Neil Armstrong dies, aged 82

August 25th, 2012 by bash Comments

US astronaut was the first man to walk on the Moon on 20 July 1969

Cancer breakthrough at Queen’s University, Belfast

August 8th, 2012 by Owen Quinn Comments

A ray of hope from Belfast for anyone suffering – in any way – from the cancer, one of the scariest diseases in society. Cancer will affect most of us in one way or another in our lives and can come from nowhere. But things now look a little brighter thanks to local scientists…

Avalanches on Saturn’s moon baffles scientists

August 3rd, 2012 by Marc Comments

Can this strange find help our understanding of events here on earth?